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SB Game Hacker apk is an Android Game hacking tool which is compatible with Rooted Android Devices, where you can modify the Game data easier than other hacking tools. This tool provide you unlimited coins, money, life etc. Moreover this little App makes your gaming experience more awesome and you will not have to spent dollars on the games anymore.


Name: SB Game Hacker apk

Developer: Game Hacker

Version: 4.0 [Latest]

Updated On: Jan 9, 2017

Size:   969 KB

Supported Languages:  English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Features Of SB Game Hacker

Accurate Search

you can search the exact volume which is available on the certain game, for example if the certain game has 3466 coins on it, when you search 3466 on the SB Game Hacker App and if it shows only one result on the App screen, you can simply edit the game data by entering new value such as 989999. Now when you open the Game you will see the remaining coins pops up to 989999.

Fuzzy Search

the fuzzy search is a process which locates the values that are likely to be relevant to the search, even when the search is not exactly relevant to the desired data. So when you not sure what to search, then try the fuzzy search.

Floating Point (decimal)

if the game data is not in a whole number (the integers between 0 – 9999999999)you cannot do the fuzzy search. At this point you can must try searching with this condition.

Data Filtering

the Data filtering helps you to decide the size of the data range and improves the productivity.



The Android Devices should Root in order to install the SB Game Hacker because the SB Game Hacker apk supports only for Rooted Android Device. If your Device is not Rooted when we recommend to Root your Android with Any Rooting Tool.Generally KingRoot,KingoRoot,TowelRoot and iRoot are supported to root  for almost all android devices safely and effectively  so  you can use this link to root your device.Additionally you can follow the Rooting Tools Supported list to make  productive rooting experience.


How to Install SB Game Hacker apk?

  • Download SB Game Hacker apk
  • Now install the SB Game Hacker apk on your Android Device.
    (allow installation of Unknown Sources in the settings by Settings > Security > Check the Unknown Sources is ticket)
  • Now the installation is done.


How to use SB Game Hacker?

  1. Open the SB Game Hacker App
  2. You will see a screen with lots of Chinese letter. Noting to bother, this is just the license agreement. Scroll to the bottom and select “yes” to agree.
  3. Now if your device is not Rooted, the Game Hacker App closes and shows “requesting root access…”, If the devices Rooted there want be any issues.

To Root your Android Device Read – How to Root

  1. When the Game Hacker App opens for the first time, it will display an info box which shows you the meanings of the icons and logos. Just tap on the screen and it will disappear.
  2. Now the Game Hacker will minimize and you will see an icon of Game Killer floating on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Now it’s ready to perform.
  4. Open the Game which you want to hack and play it for a while and collect some coins and score.
  5. While playing the Game click on the Game Hacker icon and it will show you a search box.
  6. Now input the number of coins you gained and tap search
  7. When you search if it shows only one result, then just click on it and change value that you want on the game to be appear. If it shows more results on the screen gain some more items and repeat it again until you get a single result.
  8. Now after the process when you play the game, you will obtain the amount you entered to the Game.
  9. Congrats, you have successfully hacked the Game.


The SB Game Hacker App does not support the live games, as the data are stored in the servers.

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