Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch and Gear series

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch and Gear series

What is Samsung Gear?

Samsung brings you the best smart experience with its large number of products unfailingly. Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is one of them. Simply it is a wearable computing device designed and developed by Samsung Electronics. As Samsung is leading in the hardware category, it makes an effort on giving the best creativity with killer features in order to establish their product. With Samsung Gear it keeps the space of innovation extremely high.Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch and Gear series

Samsung Gear is absolutely amazing smart watch which gives you the entire smart experience to your wrist. In their Smart watch category Galaxy Gear was the initial release with a high success rate.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is powered by an 800MHz single-core processor with 512 MB of RAM. This watch runs smoothly but most of the users have come across several shortcomings. As it was the first release of Samsung wearable device after the failed attempt, it was not to the point what user expects in satisfying their needs. At the time it was only to sync with the Galaxy note 3Smart phone. This limited compatibility was also a disadvantage that occurred with its limited features. Though its reviews mostly negative, its marketing campaign was extremely impressing for the public.

Making and receiving calls direct from Galaxy Gear is easy and it has impressive audio quality. Gear’s calling options work well and as a fitness tracker it performs satisfactorily.

Samsung has launched its additional smart watches soon after they won the attention of the public in related to the smart watch episode.

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is definitely an improved step forward over the ill-fated generation of Galaxy Gear. This is consists of an impressive display of wrist tech. it has an improved design, better monitoring, excellent notifications and developed features added including fitness tracking. Samsung Gear 2 is water-resistant too. Compared to Samsung Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 smartwatch is an improved device. But this smart watch supported only with limited number of apps. This is also compatible and gets aired with Samsung Phones.

This Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch comes with an improved design with a curved screen and it has an integrated heart rate sensor.Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch and Gear series2

Samsung Gear 2 Neo 

Samsung Gear 2 Neo is a better deal for a Smart watch experience. It has stepped in with more pleasing price and features. A lot of bells and whistles including apps, offline music playback, and heart rate-monitoring seem beneficial with Smart watch experience.

It comes with much improved AMOLED touch screen. As all Gears are water and dust resistant, you can wash your hands or even shower while wearing your Gear Neo 2. It is improved in app supporting and with single tap on your screen you can reach your notifications easily.

The limited customizing is a shortcoming we see in this device. According to the users many of the extras do not work as smoothly as you expected with Gear Neo 2. It is also work with Samsung phones and tablets. Besides all that failures, it works with best balanced features.

Samsung Gear Fit

This could call the fitness version of the before mentioned models. It has a forward looking design and many more supported features than just a fitness band. It helps you to measure the heart rate. It is unique with its AMOLED fantastic display.

Gear fit only supportive with selected Samsung phones. Most of the time you get stuck with the features and gets so long to loading process. Though it is a smart looking wearable, it has many more to improve when consider about the performance. Gear Fit is popular as a fitness band, as it can track steps as well as monitor heart rate.

Samsung Gear Live

Gear Live is running on Android Wear moving beyond the history. Above discussed versions were operated only with Samsung’s own operating system “Tizen”. It has a metal body and it works well with many Android phones. Gear Live has an impressive voice recognition option and so much more with apps. Here you absolutely experience more than for what you paid.

This is also similar with the other Gears but its performances with Android is significant. According to some of the users, this Samsung’s live Gear is not up to the point they expected while some are satisfied with what they get.

Gear Live is a hybrid design of above mentioned gears; it has a metal body like the Gear 2 which gives a classic outlook yet it is camera free like the Gear 2 Neo. And its wristband goes in a touch with Gear Fit features. It is IP67 water and dust resistant like Samsung’s Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and also Gear Fit. This is designed with a big bright screen but it is lacking speakers and a camera.

Samsung Gear S

Samsung’s most recent product Gear S has integrated mobile phone technology, and performs independently. Here “S” is stand for “Solo”. Samsung S is a Smart watch and also a Smart phone.

It features a big, bright curved display. Gear S is attractive and smart. It has a well controlled battery consumption technique while with its own bonus battery pack and can stay connected away from phone with its own 3G data or WiFi.

Samsung Gear S is one of the watches that are trying to cross the borders of a standard smart watch concept, being a fully standalone wrist gadget that can make phone calls, stay connected and give all benefits that a Smart concept includes. This is Samsung’s sixth Smart watch with a big change compared to the previous models. You have to pay a little to get data packages to use the Gear S standalone options; absolutely they are very much likable to play with. If you are connected with a data plan, you can experience most of the Smart phone features independently.

The Gear S has its own speakers and microphones. It vibrates when you get a notification. It consists of sensors like, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, optical heart rate, barometer, options for screen brightness and UV. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G cellular, 4GB storage, 512 MB of RAM and a dual-core processor. For some app installations, you have to pair it with a supported Android device, because its standalone features does not work with all apps and notifications.

Watches are simple devices that do few things for you, but when it is more than what you see, it really adds value on your wrist making everything smart. Through Samsung Wearable smart devices, you can discover style, elegance at the same time making everything easier and simple



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