Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Both Samsungsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge phones are very awesome smartphones among the varies great phones in the Android platform.These attractive both phones make you usually wonderful android experiences.Really it is Happy Dream-Happy Journey.

Samsung Manufacturer  has confirmed the UK release date for its highly-anticipated Awesome  Android 7.1.1 Nougat update for Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge owners. Furthermore you can download the new Google software and upgrade your device.

Feel nature of  the Next Era with these phones.These phone have so many good qualities as below,


Quad HD Super AMOLED display,Dual egde,Samsungsung Galaxy S7 5.1″,Samsungsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5″ and 16M colors

Design of the both phones are very attractive ,slimmest feel in your hand without compromizing big screen size,Additionally it has curved front and back fit in your palm just right.


12MP rear camera with dual pixel CMOS 5Mp front camera

Phone camera has professional grade dual pixel sensor which it able to take crisp,clear photos in the dark.Your memories never ever  delete which it has big memories.


Both phones are included so many improved software & Hardware to make best gaming experiences with you.They have so many facilities such as Game control Manager,Game Playing Recorder and Powerful Processor.


Manufacturer has redesigned both Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge phones with past memories.These phones have huge RAM,Fast Processor and other hardware as well as software so they can run smoothly and fastly than other great android phones in the android platforms.Furthermore SGS7/SG7Edge have white bigger battery can empower your phones longer life easily.


Marshmallow OS and Android6.0 is included to these both Phones.You can work easily this user friendly OS.Otherwise Latest Marshmallow OS drains little bit power  from battery to work properly.So battery can use longer.


Wireless charge is compatible for both phones.SGS7 has 3000mAh and SGS& Edge has 3600mAh capacity.Battery is bigger and white colored.Energy releases can manipulate itself properly.

Water & Dust Resistant Forever

Both Phones are resistant totally for the water and duct so you can use these phones at any harm environment easily.Special thing,Manufacturer is used nanotechnology to produce these phone’s hardware so both phones are more resistant for hard use.Absolutely these phones any part can repel any host particles included water and dust  easily.Otherwise you can work with rainy or dusty environment without any damages for your phones furthermore. Additionally you can swim with your phone but don’t forget,no more you can’t go down than 5 feet in water as well as you can stay  in water only around 30 minutes.After these limitation resistant will over  and Phone’s IP rating is IP 68.

Short Cuts

Wonderful,They have so many short cuts to access to your requirement easily and rapidly.Absolutely These phone can use within quartet of second.Very quick,high speed really.Use it magical feeling you can gain really.

The new opened Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is intended for the way you live, giving you access to generally U.S. GSM and CDMA networks.
1 And you can take it practically any place you go, from Mexico City to Paris, and still stay connected.
2 Plus you can breathe a sigh of relief with Samsung’s standard U.S. restricted guarantee.


They have 32GB memory capacity,ever never clouds as well as never forever hard drive.If you need increase the capasity of your android phones when you can add additional 256GB SD easily.

Really is is awesome poem,

Happy dream-Happy journey with your Phone

Feel Free-Get your Dreamy Phone

Be Smarter -Work smoother with your phone.

Never Ever delete -Everything in your phone Forever.


Use it and feel it well.


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