Samsung Galaxy S2 plus root

Samsung Galaxy S2 plus rootRooting an android smart phone….!

Simply rooting defines acquiring privileges to administrative system of your smart device. If you purchase a new smart device you become a guest user to the device. As a guest, you only have the access to a limited area of device memory. You are not allowed to access system files and you are unable to make any changes to the system files of your device.

If you gain the root access for your android device you will be able to access the root folder and you can change system files. This describes that you have all the ability to do changes with system files and install any kind of robust android apps. Non-rooted mobile will not allow you to do this. Further you can use a customized ROM (Read Only Memory) instead of using thestock ROM of your device.

Advantages of rooting your android device.

  1. Gain privileges to hidden features (Root access).
  2. Install unsupported (incompatible) application.
  3. Extend battery life.
  4. Increases performance of your device
  5. Block advertisement when running apps.
  6. Customized ROMs
  7. Overclocking and under clocking the android device.

Disadvantages of rooting

  1. Rooting can make your device bricked.
  2. Voids device’s warranty.
  3. Can occur some security issues to your device via malware.

Samsung Galaxy S2 plus Root

This note will explain you how to configure root access to your “Samsung S2 plus” android smart device.

See below to know what you need…..?

  • Android Firmware Version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • USB cable to connect your device with PC.
  • Odin flashing tool-version 3.10.0.
  • Select the correct CWM recovery for your device.
  1. CWM recovery for GT-I9105P
  2. CWM recovery for GT-I9105 Link:

Method of Samsung Galaxy S2 plus root

  1. Connect your android device to the PC using the USB cable and copy the root package to both of the Phone memory and SD card, then disconnect the device from PC.
  2. Open Odin 3.10.0.exe on your PC.
  3. Configure your android device into “Download mode”.

(Press Power button + Home button+Volume downbutton)

  1. Connect your android device to the PC through the USB cable
  2. PC will install drivers for your device, wait for the installation process.
  3. Odin will mark your device with blue color and you will be able to see the communication port as COM:1 (example)
  4. Uncheck the Auto Reboot option from the Odin window.
  5. Go to PDA (AP) and browse for your preferred recovery. ( Select it from Downloads, My Documents)
  6. After completing above configurations click the start button to Start button. ( This process will take about 20 seconds to complete)
  7. Odin will show message called ‘RES OK’, take the battery out from your android device and put it back.
  8. Go to your recovery ( Press Power button + Home button + Volume up button)
  9. Navigate the menu using Volume buttons. (Volume up and down)
  10. Make the selection using power button.
  11. Select ‘install zip from sdcard1’( If your root package is inside your SD card)

Or select ‘install zip from sdcard’ (If your root package is stored inside the Phone memory)

  1. After finding the root package select it using the Power button and install it.
  2. After installation go back and select ‘reboot system now’

Well done, now you have rooted your Samsung s2 plus android device.

Note: I’m not responsible for any issue or if you brick your device. Do at your own risk. Thank you….!

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