Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes to you as a Stylus Pen equipped phablet, this is to most recent launch in Europe after Galaxy Note 4 with S-Pen equipped. We have to be thankful to Note 7 developers for making it a better combination with iris scanner and the improved stylus pen. We think it’s better than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you will find more information about Galaxy Note 7 with this review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review and PriceSamsung Galaxy Note 7 release date and price.

Early registration for the pre-order list was open from 2nd of August 2016 for Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this was the official launch day of the device. After two weeks’ time you will be able to pre-order the latest phablet equipped with iris scanner. People who order Note 7 within this period, will be eligible to get the new Gear VR glass as a free offer. The most interesting thing is pre-order buyers will be able to receive both of Gear VR and Note 7 before three days from the official release date, which is scheduled to be on 2nd of September 2016.

Yet the Samsung has not indicated an exact launch price for the device, we most probably believe that it would be greater than the Galaxy S7 Edge. We guess that the device would cost at the very least 800 dollars.

You can select from 4 color options which include Black Onyx, Gold, Silver Titanium and Blue Coral.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 design and build quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is mainly based on the design of Galaxy S7 Edge. As a result of a symmetrical design and improved developments Samsung has made several changes with the details of the base design.

Symmetrical design will only be visible when you are considering the device edge-on. From this view you will see dual edged covers centered with the metal frame on the whole build of Note 7. First impression will not make a considerably different feeling about the device, but once you take it to your hand you will realize the classiness and comfort of this 5.7-inch device without worrying.

The design of Note 7 is really a rarefaction than mystery. It directly comes from related galaxy S series basic elements. You will only notice the difference between S7 Edge and Note 7 if you get the back view of two devices. Larger and consist of more angular edges, that is Galaxy Note 7.

It is very difficult to identify the difference between two devices. Expert and technical related eye may need to notice the extra aperture across the screen dedicated to the iris scanner and low-protruded home button with a built in fingerprint reader.

Further the Note 7 display is 0.2-inch bigger than the S7 Edge. The most interesting thing is “how Samsung has added a stylus-pen to this thin and packed frame?” Samsung developers have designed it nicely inside this compact housing.

Samsung has made several changes to the stylus-pen. Tip of the new Stylus-pen is thinner than the previous one, which allows you more room to write and draw various thing with more details on the display easily. By long pressing the button on Stylus, you can convert the stylus in to an eraser. In previous Galaxy Note versions this feature needed to be pre-customized through the software. It may assist you to delete text and drawings effortlessly.

IP68 certification claims that this device is fully dust-proof and can be immersed in to a depth of water more than 1m. Samsung also indicates that they have extended the certification to the Stylus as well. So you will be able to use the Stylus and write notes and make drawing even you are in the middle of a heavy downpour. Further, using your finger tips on a display which is covered with water drops will give poor results. IP68 certified Stylus will be a great solution while such situations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 display

Even at this time, Note 7 has gained the benefit of having a Super AMOLED display. This display consist of a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel based on a dual-edged build. As this is 5.7-inch, it becomes larger than the S7 Edge’s display. There will not be a non-dual-edged model that releases along with dual-edged model which break out the rumors regarding the device. Also it seems there will not be Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ as well.

The involvement of Samsung’s enhanced Super AMOLED technology onthe display gives the user sharp, vivid color outputs and black color levels efficiently. It will be a very good experience with HDR videos and games which are based on higher color depths and higher dynamic range of graphics. Practically we expect the Note 7’s display will bring us more realistic and colors and brightness values than other devices those we have seen in recent.

Recently there’s a big shortage of HDR media content. Even though it is true, Samsung galaxy Note 7 is designed with the compatibility of HDR media.

Currently we are unable to discuss about the HDR content quality of Note 7. We will be surely test it and let you know the results.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 special features

There is valuable addition here that is the iris scanner. Before the official presentation which was held on 2nd of August many people has expressed their ideas on the development of this nice biometric sensor. Samsung has proved it correct. This is placed on the above of the screen next to the earpiece. You will see the infrared sensor/camera called iris scanner over there.

This is how it works, if you need to obtain biometric readings of your iris- the infrared light should be light up. It will show the arrangement consist of fiber, connections and stripes visible inside the iris. When it is complete, the camera will capture any of the iris presented in front of it. Then it will compare the presented image with the predefined pattern that is stored for iris.

There are many unique aspects of human iris, some of them will not change ever during the life time. Fingerprints can be change due to accidental reasons such as injuries and burns, which could dramatically distort their previous appearance.

Implementation of iris scanner is mainly targeted on the business personals who are frequently dealing with confidential and sensitive information on their smart devices. This is not an essential feature for the majority of average users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 software

Touch Wiz skin is the configured mode for Note 7. When considering S7 and S7 Edge Samsung has decreased the series of app icon colors to make them more professional. When it comes to Note 7 they have transformed the interfaces as well as the icons to improve the classiness of this amazing gadget.

Note 7 will not be backed with Android Nougat v7.0, it will come out from the assembly line with Android Marshmallow V6.0.1 with several newly added and customized features. Still Samsung has not confirmed the date to jump in to the Android Nougat update for Note 7.

One of the most interesting changes stated above will be the Samsung Notes app which assist you to perform four functions within a single app. You will be able to put text notes, handwritten notes, customize photos and Voice memos through Samsung Notes app instead of using four dedicated apps.

Another amazing thing is Air Command, it will allow you to put instant not without unlocking your device by writing on the lock-screen (AOD) with the use of Stylus. Written notes will be pinned in the lock-screen or can be saved to the Notes app if you need. Written notes on the AOD cannot be edited once it is created or Notes app cannot transfer notes to AOD. Air Command will start once you remove the Stylus from the device when the device is locked and it will let you note your instant inputs as soon as possible.

There’s another feature that allows you to create animated GIFs from the videos that are stored in the gallery.

You will see something in the Note 7 called “Secure Folder”, this will make more security for your valuables. You can put any of the content that you need to protect from others. Only a successful iris scanning cycle will allow permission to access this folder once it is enrolled.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hardware.


There was a big confusion about the built in hardware configuration of the Galaxy Note 7. European version can be seen with a chipsetExynos 8890 octa-core and 4GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage. Also the device memory can be extended up to 256GB with the use of a microSD card. Internal storage uses UFS 2.0. CPU of the Note 7 is configured as Quad-core 2.3GHz mongoose + Quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A53. There is a Mali-T880 MP12 processor to handle graphics.


When we consider the Note 7 camera, Samsung has fixed a 12MP primary camera sensor with a 1/2.5-inch in size and aperture of f/1.7. The secondary camera for selfies has configured as 5MP with same aperture value. Primary camera let the user capture high quality and colorful images with a good shutter speed. You will be able to flip between secondary and primary camera and make access to settings menu and filter effects easily via a side swipe on the screen.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery

Without a good and matching battery, even the most effective specifications are to a great extent are pointless. Galaxy Note 7 come 3500mAh battery. It has a difference of 100mAhs with the Galaxy S7.

USB Type-C makes its Samsung impressionabout the Note 7.

The purpose behind the lower battery limit is, as I would like to think, the additional equipment Samsung has baked into the Galaxy Note 7 contrasted with S7 Edge. Firstly, the iris scanner consumes up valuable room inside the Galaxy Note 7.Significantly more space is consumed by the Stylus Pen.

So this is good to say that this is a shortcoming of the Galaxy Note 7? We’ll discover more and let you know as soon as possible. Thank you….!

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