Root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk Easily

There are So many apps in the Android world to get the better experience that does not run on your device as your wish just because you have done root it because of Google’s SafetyNet. Apps like Netflix, financial apps, Ads Free Apps and some games won’t run on your device with stock firmware. if you have root access when you can run any of Android Apps easily. Rooting your Android with Magisk will “hide” the root status as well as make it avoid detection such apps. Magisk brings advanced feature now which can solve more issues easily. In this documentation is gonna root OnePlus 7 Pro by using Magisk so that it can pass Google SafetyNet checks easily. Another important is Android Q(Android 10) is supported to get further updates for this Smart device which it can drive for better customization because Android Q helps to more developer options.

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Root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk

OnePlus 7 Pro is an awesome powerful phone. It is relatively cheaper than the latest flagships Smartphones. Otherwise, it supports to root and unlocks. its has true potential to better customization productively. However, because of Google’s SafetyNet, a number of apps do not work meanwhile it detects that your device is rooted. But Magisk can solve it easily. Magisk is able to disappear rooting on your Android Smartphone productively. It means that you can use such apps if you ave rooted by using Magisk. Follow the steps as below.

1.Unlock Bootloader

If your bootloader is still locked when you aren’t going anywhere. So first step is unlocking of your OnePlus 7 Pro. Unlocking bootloader will allow you to perform modifications to the system files.

Unlocking bootloader is a completely different process. Actually, Bootloader unlocking different each from other so keeping mind well it, you will need to follow a different guide (linked below) if you have a locked bootloader. Anyway, it is the very easiest operation, read on

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2.Install TWRP

After you have unlocked the bootloader of your OnePlus 7 Pro Android Smartphone, you need to go to install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 7 Pro. This custom recovery help to install almost all modifications easily.

Once you have already  TWRP installed on your 7 Pro Android Smartphone, go ahead to next step. If you haven’t knowledge to install and working when you can use given  guidelines as below,

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3.Download Magisk

Download Magisk is the next special step you need to proceded. You require to download the ZIP file which contains all the necessary Magisk Framework and the Magisk Manager app. This zip File will be flash using TWRP on the later step.

Flashing this ZIP file will help to grant you root access. This process will help pass Google’s SafetyNet checks on your Android Smart Phone easily. Download the file attached below and copy it to the Download folder on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

4.Boot in TWRP recovery

You will boot your OnePlus 7 Pro into TWRP recovery before you can start flashing the downloaded ZIP file. The  Advanced Boot is the easiest way so remember it well.

The flashing of this ZIP file gives you root access and allows your device to pass the Google SafetyNet controls. Download the attachment below and copy it to the Download folder on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

5.Install Magisk

You are inside TWRP now, it is time to do flash Magisk.To do it, on the main menu, you need to tap on Install and then go ahead to the Download folder where you’ve saved the ZIP we need to flash.

Then, you should select the ZIP and then move the Swipe to confirm flash slider. This will start the installation and after it is done, you will have root access. After it is done, you need to select Reboot System to reboot your Android.

6.Root and SafetyNet

Finally, you should open your app drawer and look for Magisk Manager software. After you have downloaded it, you need to open the app and tap on the circular arrow beside Tap to start SafetyNet check and then hit YES. This initiates a check and you will get a message saying SafetyNet Check Success.

Now your OnePlus 7 Pro has root access and will pass Google’s SafetyNet checks. You can now venture to the magnificent work of customization and modding. Go ahead and unlock your device’s true potential.

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