root firewall pro simple and effective! can improve your rooted phone

Root firewall pro simple and effective! can improve  your rooted phone .

Your android device getting trouble, you think how can improve my devices? Apps markets available more apps! You can search the web, can you identify more knowledge about root access and how to select best root apps.

   Root Uninstaller develop Simple and effective, apps it`s call Root fire wall pro

Root fire wall pro help your android working better, that app  apply automatically and rules on boots,  stay active in the background to keep the firewall settings.

 You like your phone ad blocking, prevent data over billing and protect privacy   select root firewall pro is the best for your rooted devices.

Root firewall pro features.

  • You select any apps (application running as root) Blocks Internet access.
  • Separate Wi-Fi data and 3G (you don`t have ultimate data plan extremely help you on this features).
  • Enable to one click widget (you can use toggle blocking status that app is the easiest way It’s useful when you don’t want to use data connection and occasionally turn it on for a while.
  • Touch your screen block your test (you have to block an app, tap on it to see if the application can access to Internet or not).

User reviews.

  • This app has quadrupled my battery life. It’s amazing!
  • Root fire wall pro great to block the internet connection to the apps that you select either Wi-Fi or data.
  • This app Simple and effective, needs a little work great auto apply.

Root firewall developed by root uninstaller, release current version (v.2.1) required android 2.1+, that`s additional features are fixed minor bugs, advert-blockading, stop knowledge over-billing, shop battery existence,

How to use root firewall pro.

  • You can enable or disable root firewall, tap on apps icon to toggle app`s status.
  • You have to check corresponding box (3G or Wi-Fi) to enable you can block an app and block all application you enable to all application.
  • Following this guide you can apply changes tap on save button > apply new changes.
  • One-click to toggle app’s selection: tap on 3G or Wi-Fi indicator to select/deselect all apps.
  • One-click toggle widget: add a Root Firewall widget on your screen to quickly enable/disable firewall.
  • Test if block success: Tap on an app to launch it.
  • You can search the apps tap on search icon >type word to filter.
  • Go to setting you can enable /disable logs.


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