Root Explorer For Rooted Android Devices

Generally, your android device runs common App manager software to explore files like audio, video, image etc. But after rooting your Android device you need another Explorer Apps for your rooted Android Device. Then, what will select best root apps to the purpose file exploring. Don’t worry, you can select Root Explorer as best root apps for exploring files in the rooted Android Device.

Aim of this documentation is to explain about File Managing Tools for Rooted Android devices. We will discus every details about the Root Explorer as below step by steps. Root Explorer is also similar Apps to the Solid Explorer App.

What is Root Explorer?

Root Explorer is a best root apps and The ultimate file manager for rooted devices. Root Explorer is original and still the best which it helps to manage your Android device easily and productively. File manager Apps need for every Android device why many files are not visible in an Android device after rooting.

This best root app for file managerial is not free, you require to purchase it with a little fee from Google Play Store.

Root Explorer app brings great features for show internal and intangible files. Root Explorer will give you full control over your Android device. Have you already known that rooting gives deep access to a device? Yes, correct, but without Root Explorer ,it is not a easy task.

Why We Need Root Explorer

We know that native Manger Apps can’t help find files on your Android device after rooting. So you need to find another better solution as this best root apps. Otherwise, this best root apps is most user friendly than you think why easy to handling. Furthermore, it support to share file over the Bluetooth. So don’t delay to use Root Explorer as your best root Managing App.

How to Use Root Explorer?

1.Root Your Android Device

You can root your Android device with any of best auto rooting Android App or other Rooting Methods. After root your Android Device, you can proceed the further steps easily.

2.Download and Install the Root Explorer app

Root Explorer can be downloaded from Google Play and install it on your Android device. After Root Explorer has installed, you need to launch it. Then switch to the “All Apps” view. Generally, you can find all installed Apps in the All Apps view.

You should observe that probably you should not annoyed the report structure an extreme measure of, for instance, the “dev” “et cetera” envelopes which are not stores on your SD card or data inventory. Root Explorer keenly mounted them as r/o (read-so to speak). In case you are sure to change the root file you can get the make access by touching the catch on the best that says “MOUNT R/W”.

3.Find more functions from Menu button

When you long press the files or folders, you can pull up the sub menu. From the menu, you can perform such operations: delete, rename, copy, move, send, view content, edit, adjust file permissions, and view properties.

You can pull up sub menu by long pressing the files and folders. Now you allow to perform immense number of operations such as delete, rename, copy, move, send, view content, edit, adjust the permissions and view properties.

If you Scroll down when you can find such options: add bookmark, zip this folder, create tar, set as home folder, change owner, create shortcut and link to this folder.

4.Make use of the “Zip or Tar Create folder”

You can get backup manually using by the option of Zip or Tar Create folder. In the event that the information is critical to you then the reinforcement strategy does not appear to be a shrewd one. For this situation you can introduce Titanium Backup to help you. What’s more, you can likewise share the single record through email, Bluetooth and so forth. By utilizing the Zip/Tar inclination you can do document.

Root Explorer is not the only file manager on Android and it faces competition from other free file managers like ES File Explorer and Total Commander. You can also try them on your device to choose the appropriate one.


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