Root Essential Phone using Magisk

Root Essential Phone using Magisk

The Essential Phone is a really an amazing handset that aims on changing how the Android device’s look and how they are been operated. The Essential Phone Company’s vision is to make smartphones that are greatly belongs to the user. Even the software inside the handset is lean and does not hit the UX by bloatware. Still, there are lot more things packed with the Essential Phone has unique design. But the phone has already faced all of its share of difficulties, such like the delay on shipping the phone and the camera quality issues. Such problems have been eventually ended in the $200 price drop. But this will never be ending with manufacturers. So, as a solution, today we are here help you root Essential Phone.


Attempting to root your Essential Phone (PH-1) for sure breaks the device’s warranty and official support. If have issues with that matter, take a step back and think well before beginning anything. We will take no responsibility for any damage that cause to your device during or after this procedure.

Pre Requirements

Now, simply go through the list of pre requirementst to root the Essential Phones as below. Once you have fulfilled all of them, you can then proceed towards the instructions to root Essential Phone.

  • Get a full backup of the Essential Phone, so that you do not have the risk of losing the data
  • Install ADB and fastboot on your PC if you have not install
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Essential Phone
  • Enable OEM unlocking on your Essential Phone
    (Go to settings > Developer Options > enable OEM Unlocking here)
  • Make sure to charge your device at least up to 50%.

Download Files

Before you starting to root Essential Phone, make sure to download all the listed files above in the Download section and copy them to the ADB folder where all the ADB and Fastboot files are present (C:\adb).

  • twrp-mata_6_NMJ32F.img
  • Modified boot.img corresponding the build number installed on your device:
    • NMJ32F
    • NMJ20D
    • Mirror links

Instructions to Root Essential Phone PH-1

  1. Turn off your Essential Phone
  2. Boot it into Fastboot mode on your Essential Phone
    (Press and hold the Volume Down + Power button at the same time)
  3. Now connect the Essential Phone to the PC through the USB cable.
  4. Once the Essential Phone is connected to the PC, go to the directory/folder on your PC where all the ADB and Fastboot files are present (C:\adb).
  5. Right click on the folder while holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard.
  6. Now on the appearing selection, select Open PowerShell window here and this will open the command prompt
  7. Then on the command prompt, enter the following Fastboot command to flash TWRP recovery into your Essential Phone
    fastboot flash boot twrp-mate_6_NMJ32F.img
  8. Once the TWRP recovery is successfully flashed into your Essential Phone, tap the Volume buttons a few times until ‘Recovery mode’ appears on the Bootloader screen. Then, make the selection with power button.
  9. Your Essential Phone should now get into TWRP recovery mode.
  10. Now, sideload Magisk by providing the following ADB command:
    adb sideload
  11. The file will then be sideloaded and flashed on your Essential Phone.
  12. Reboot back into Bootloader mode:
    adb reboot bootloader
  13. Now, in case if your Essential Phone is on build NMJ32F, then you can simply skip the steps below and reboot your Essential Phone. If the build number is NMJ20D, then you might have to flash the patched boot image using the below command
    fastboot flash boot boot_magisk_nmj20d.img
  14. Finally, reboot your device by entering
    fastboot reboot

Congrats! Now you have a root Essential Phone (PH-1) using the Magisk. Go ahead and try something that you can do with root permissions on your device. You can also follow the tutorials on for your rooted devices.Anyway,you can check root status using by Root Checker.It can  check your device whether rooted successfully or not easily.

If you have any issues through the procedure, feel free to drop a comment below. We will make the best effort to help you.

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