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Root cleaner is not App which it cleans the root access on your Android device.Anyone can understand purpose of the Root Cleaners is removed Root access you have gained using by rooting tool.Basically Root Cleaner works to  scan and clean your device which it has  included useless files and folders in the system on your storage of the Android Device.Otherwise,Root checker can find useless files and folders  through the scanning process.Generally,smart device is filling from Useless files and folders are cache, empty folders, temporary files, log files, dormant files and folders, leftovers in your system, gallery thumbnails and recovery files day by day.Furthermore,cleaning is the main purpose of the Root cleaner and cleaning process is very easy.I have discussed before root cleaner first scan all files and folders in your device and  notify automatically whether files are useless or not.Finally,you can delete useless files correctly because which it has scanned as useless. 

Other purpose of this application is optimizing device’s system by cleaning dalvik cache and fixing permissions of your system applications. Furthermore, this application also contains App manager which allows you to uninstall, clear data on your system and downloaded apps. 


  • Cleaner
    – Cleaning memory
    – Cleaning empty folders
    – Cleaning dormant files and folders
    – Cleaning temporary files
    – Cleaning log files
    – Cleaning leftovers
    – Cleaning init.d folder
    – Cleaning recovery files
    – Cleaning gallery thumbnails
    – Cleaning application cache
  • Tools
    – Fixing permissions
    – Cleaning dalvik cache
  • App manager
    -Uninstall app
    -Clear app data
    -Freeze app
    -Unfreeze app
  • Info
    -Total memory
    -Internal storage
    -External storage
  • Daytime notifications
  • Cleaning interval
  • Widget

Don’t delay to use this important App for rooted Android Devices.Be quick and make huge android experience with Root Cleaner.Thanks



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Christer Johansson – Swedish translation
Katoji Rikito – Vietnamese translation
Tim Müller, Fritz Herrmann – German translation

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