Remove Bloatware using Magisk Easily

The only annoying thing about buying a new phone is the bloatware that comes with it. These are the Stoke applications that you will probably never use, they will mess up your applications drawer and take up your internal storage. You can disable most of them, but they will continue to use valuable storage. To remove them, you will need access to the root, and they are difficult to remove since they will have to track them. However, a Magisk module makes it easier to track these applications and eliminate them safely. Here’s how to remove bloatware with Magisk.

Remove Bloatware using Magisk

The Val Mandantes has created a Magisk module that allows you to uninstall all the bloatware that you think you will never use. You will need two things to make this work;

  • Root Access
  • Magisk

Install the module

The first thing you will need is the module. Open the Magisk Manager application and then go to Downloads (within the Menu). Touch the search icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and then search for Debloater. Install the module by touching the download arrow icon.

Install BusyBox module

Now, you need another module called BusyBox for the Debloater module to work. Again, go to Download and search for BusyBox. Install the module of how to install the Debloater module. After the module finishes installing, restart your device.

Install Terminal

If you already have Terminal, you can skip this step. If you don’t have one or don’t know what it is, install the application called Termux. Open Google Play Store and search for Termux (or visit their Google Play Store page).

Enter Commands

To proceed this step, you require to open Termux by typing the following command;


You need to tap on Grant on Superuser Request pop-up when prompted now. Then, you need to type the following command;


Above step will launch the Debloat module where you can start removing those Bloatware apps. 


You can see those useless Apps which called as bloatware, you can remove while understanding your needs. After you have run the Debloat module, you can see a few options. However, the documentation focuses on the first option. To proceed it, you need type 1 and hit enter. A scan will begin. Once the scan is complete, check the list of all system applications installed on your device. Type the number before each application to remove them, or you can perform the batch uninstall by typing the number of each application with space between them.

Press enter and type “y” to allow the module to uninstall the applications. Type “n” to return to the main menu. If you want to uninstall only the applications provided by the provider, choose 3. I recommend that you do not touch the Priv-Apps option on the system since these applications are confidential and may damage your device if you do not know what you are doing. Once you have finished uninstalling the applications, restart your device and you’re done.

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