Reasons your smartphones can explode, and tips to avoid it. Should you prefer Overnight charging?

Anyone can’t live without Phone why it becomes to our as basic needs.How do you give up your Phone?anyone can’t give up helps us to proceed our life,it supports so many ways than than other electronic devices.But most users do not concern about their Phone,specially now we came to new era,we can use smart Phones.Smartphone make huge Technological experience than previous normal phones easily.Specially,every smart phones users need to consider the facts about suddenly exploding the battery of your Smart Phones.It may be done because our so many mistakes and technical dough at manufacturing.Anyway,understand battery is most important component on your Smart Phone why your device can’ work without proper energy source.So battery health is very special fact which you should maintenance better.

Currently,Almost all smartphones come with Lithium batteries. And with the recent uni-metal body is included, there are more non-removable  than removable, making things even riskier. Battery  can be exploded due to  many reasons.This article will explain clearly why your smart device’s battery explode,damages or burn before life spam it self.

Causes of battery explosion

1. Faulty Batteries

Any batteries has anode and cathode,similarly Lithium batteries also  includes a cathode and anode.These two poles keep together which they are separated in the  a thin wall of material.Modern batteries design as very thin because thin batteries perform their duty properly than thick batteries, A potential break up in this wall or layer is high, either by falling down the phone can lead to short circuit. This, in turn, can lead to swelling and explosion. Although this is not generally the case, it is a realistic possibility.

This figure is discussed what happened with series of batteries. The wall between the anode and cathode was defective by design. Furthermore, some poorly manufactured batteries may have weakly deposited point of metal particles between cells. This is also a reason for short circuit. But not all short circuits lead to explosions. This particular cause is related to a manufacturing defect.Anyway,any metal plates can be produced as weakly which deposited atom diffusely that  will be created such a trouble easily.

2. Heating

Another prominent cause is producing heat abnormally.Sometimes may happens with excessive charging. However, really high heats are produced why your device has already charged,but charger try to charge your device and same it produce some heats.Otherwise,any technology is not in the universe 100% efficient which it means some portion of energy destroy as heats during power conversion.Anyway high quality batteries produce using some special material which they not increase temperature because that they have high specific heat capacity.Other,special Technics is some manufactures use technology to produce electric current using produced extra heat by your charging process.Then extra heat consumes to produce current and your device is not heating.

Anyway,you can avoid abnormal heat producing using by original Chargers and any Smart Devices users need to concern their device details before purchase the can buy the device which has produced by good quality materials when your device resist to the so many bad conditions and not provided  the excess heat during the charging process.Otherwise you always need  to buy device the which warranty should includes for specially your Device battery.

3. Charging Software

So many Apps can find easily to help to proper charging of your smart device.Other important facts is you can adjust any details using Charging Apps.It help to manage charging duration,required current floor and additionally it can measure your heat time to time and can maintain it properly.Additionally, it can also cutoff to overcharging and overheating.If you are not used proper Battery charging App when you always can face battery explosion

4. Accelerated Heating

When a battery reaches high temperatures and it can’t cool down suddently, Thermal runaway occurs in situations where an increase in temperature changes the conditions in a way that causes a further increase in temperature, often leading to a destructive result. It is a kind of uncontrolled positive feedback.

5. Heat Dissipation

Some components like the processor also generate more heat. If any component are located in close proximity to a part of the battery, that area will show more heat during charging which it increasing risk of a short circuit.

6.humidity/water vapor

Generally,water also can work as conductors,think if water has missed some salt when it can act as good conductor.Any device makes so many varies types salt with the time.Finally it can attach with water vapor and they can act as conductors.I say that every device,can face to such a situation.It will form varies circuit over the device.Finally your device generate more heat and it can burn or explode easily.

Tips to follow to stay safe

1. Charge your phone with the bundled charger and cable.

Some chargers are designed to supply more current than others. But not all smartphones can handle that. Hence, it is advisable to use the phone’s original charger to avoid excess heat. Generally, most market chargers aren’t designed to comply with your device’s exact charge intake capabilities. They are made for generic devices with a microUSB port that it means ,they can use for varies devices. While we this charges suffice your device’s charging need, it’s not safe.Anyway,if you need to buy new charger when you should try to buy original one.

Companies like Apple have also built some safety features into iOS 7 and beyond. You might see a message that reads, “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone,” when you plug your phone into a counterfeit charger.

2. Try to remember unplugging your device after the charge is completed.

Don’t forget to unplug the charger after finished charging process.If you do not unplug when transferd energy will convert to heat and it  may explode your battery easily.

3. Avoid charging in hot places.

Don’t keep hot places your device while charging such as direct sun light,on microwave oven,near the hot plates,near the current generator why your device also generate some heat during the charging.But if your environment has better temperature difference when it can reach cool condition easily.

4. Stop using the phone while charging.

I know this will be hard to stop our communication why phone is most important need to manage and organise our day to day activities. But,understand well, if your phone heat goes up when you are simultaneously charging and using it, be patience.It will be charged quickly.Anyway if you are very busy person when you can use extra battery why you can use extra battery when your battery charge has lost.

Why Overnight Charging is not good for your smartphone?

I think that you may already have shown the warnings as “Don’t overcharge your mobile phone. Make sure you unplug it from the charger after it reaches 100%. Don’t leave it charging overnight. Or else.”

In most cases, your phone probably needs only an hour or two to hit 100%.To begin with, the uplifting news. You can’t overcharge your smartphone’s battery, so don’t stress over that. Your smartphone prevents drawing current from the charger once it achieves 100%, as indicated by Cadex Electronics advertising correspondences director John Bradshaw. Cadex produces battery charging gear. “Simply ahead and charge to 100%,” Bradshaw says. “No compelling reason to stress over charging as present day devices will end the charge accurately at the suitable voltage.”


By keeping your phone charged overnight, you’re actually increasing the amount of time your device spends with the charger, thereby degrading its capacity that much sooner.

“If you think about it, charging your phone while you’re sleeping results in the phone being on the charger for 3-4 months a year,” says Hatem Zeine, founder of Ossia, a developer of wireless charging technology. “So even though the manufacturers try their best to cover this scenario, this process inevitably lowers the capacity of your phone’s battery.”

What charging advice do experts have for smartphone owners?

Don’t wait until your phone gets close to a 0% battery charge until you recharge it, advises Cadex’s Bradshaw. Full discharges wear out the battery sooner than do partial discharges. Bradshaw recommends that you wait until your phone gets down to around a 35% or 40% charge and then plug it into a charger. That will help preserve the capacity of the battery. You should also keep your phone cool, as higher temperatures accelerate the loss of battery capacity. Pro tip: Take off your phone’s case before you charge it.

Let us know what more steps we can take to ensure safe smartphone use. Also, let us know if you liked the article in the comments below.

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