Reasons Why You Fail To Root An Android Device(Phone & Tablets)





You can be a Master of your Android Devices in a minutes easily.Most power & Tinker Users are interested to make changes & graft on new features for their Android Device which it is based on Linux Kernel. There are called as Rooting Tools.

Aim of this Article is explained the reasons you fail to root of android Device. Clearly.However if you need to gain any huge changes of your Android devices when you should root your Android phone/Tablet before done anything.

1.The version of the Rooting are unmatched to  Android Device model.

Every rooting tools are specific for the several Android models/Android versions.It means that you should select the compatible rooting tool correctly for the correct /suitable Android versions/model.

How ever, ‘if you select incompatible rooting tool when you can’t gain a rooted Android device or you will fail the rooting of your Android device.

2.Root Package.

Most Android devices are supported to OTA(An over-the-air update is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and tablets.)  upgrades. However you should copy to the SD card before the upgrade them.Otherwise rooting of Android is flashed the Android device.

3. The Recovery Mode.

Some Android devices can’t root directly.Otherwise ,before rooting of Android device should need to fulfill some changes as recovery mode.You can turn your Android device pressing by volume & power button many times.

4. The phone drivers

Some rooting tools can work unless it is connected.However you should install required phone drivers before the root starting.(To connect device O/S and rooting program truly is needed to proceed the rooting program)

5. The PC system.

Some rooting tools can flash under window XP mode. However, User of window 7, Window 8 who they need to turn the “XP compatible mode”

6.Some rooting tools are needed an stable internet connection to root properly.

Rooting tool, If it need a stable internet connection to proceed rooting correctly when you should concern to provide a stable internet connection during the rooting. Example: Kingroot – need stable internet connection.

7.Phone battery backup is fulfilled more than mentioned battery backup level.

Most rooting tools need high battery backup to root completely.

If any tinker or power user couldn’t to fulfill above requirement when they will be gained root failed Android device.

Some Android device are friendly to the Android rooting such as nexus,pixel Android devices which they have unlock able boot loaders. It means that they can root without any trouble.


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