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Purify Apk For Non-Rooted & Rooted Android Devices

What is the Purify App? The Purify App does the same what the name meant to do so. As you all know the new Android Devises come with dozens of Bloatwares built in which runs from the startup and makes the Android slow and kills the Battery as well. Purify optimizes the Battery life and speeds up your Android Device performance by killing bloatwares and auto start Apps and making some changes of the run Apps of your Android Device. In the Rooted Android environment the Purify even helps to remove bloatwares.

With the Root access you can get the maximum out of Purify App, here we recommend you to obtain Rooting with KingRoot

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Purify Battery Server

The Purify Battery Saver has the ability to detect the Device battery life and make changes on the battery consuming settings, such as screen brightness. You can also manually switch from power save mode to super power save mode, when the phone battery is dying down. But Manual Power saving is not possible in the all times as well as it is not effective as automation of Battery saving.

In addition, the Purify App has programmed with a complete set of rules to control when and what Apps should the Purify kill to completely avoid wastage of the power and lead to minimize power consumption, it result is  optimize the Battery life of the Android Device. These rules are stored in the Cloud and frequently updated for the better performance of the Purify App.

How to know whether the Phone needs to be optimized?

On the dashboard of the Purify App, it has provided a mobile score to let you know your phone’s performance. If the score that the Purify App shows you is too low, you will have to click the one click to improve the performance instantly. Moreover, when you fed up with this one click button, you have an option to enable auto purify in the settings and the Purify will optimize everything whenever it is needed in the background itself.

Extra benefits of the Purify App

The Purify App will help you archive all the notifications in batches, by organizing the notification bar and making it neat looking.

Try out Purify and make the Android Phone fast, increase the Battery life and look neat.

How the Purify work?

Enabling Purify mode helps you make your Android Device excellent by extending the Battery life. The Purify App intelligently recognize which Apps should keep running and which Apps to kill by its own. Killing an App means the Purify avoids all functions of the unwanted Apps such as service, Widget, update, periodic tasks etc. Also the Purify identifies the useless Apps running in the background and optimizes them to make the Android more responsive.

In the Purify App menu, you can manually select which Apps you want to keep running and which you want to purify.

When you feel the Android Device is lacking with the performance, just click the “Puryfy all” button on the home page of the Purify App to kill all background running App.

In the “Bloatware Remover”, just choose the Apps you want to remove and remove the unwanted Bloatwares on your own.

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