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PRISMA Android app launched.

It was an idea of 25 years old boy called Alex Moiseenkov who was working at one of the largest Russian internet service providers. Alex’s idea was to build a simple app to stylize and edit any photograph using your mobile device within few taps on your device. Instead of photo-editing and applying predefined effects, he got the idea to use deep learning to improve a totally different developed images out of people around the world.

Prisma app Download Android iOSHe was able to spark this great idea and implement this amazing app within several aspects of open source codes. Alex and colleague obtained adapted the effects and other details from world famous arts and crafts to develop photos. The resulting innovation was PRISMA that uses several types of image processing to transform your photos in to works of amazing arts.

Alex says that “It started as an idea, not a big business plan”. Just think about the developers’ perspective regarding this amazing app. “We wanted bring the opportunity to users to create beautiful images and that’s all. After two months of releasing the app, Alex has left his job to dedicate his full time towards the app, which was spread around the world within no time.

Strategy is very simple, you will be able to capture images using the app or you will choose one from scrolling the gallery via app. App will assist you to crop the image and apply an artistic style on it. Are you ready to give photo credits to PRISMA?


At the beginning PRISMA was only available for iOS based devices, within five consecutive weeks it was able to pass the limit of 10 million downloads. It acquired the top of the Apple’s listings related to Photography and Videography for more than 50 countries. According to the records from App Annie, it has become the number one app for more than 10 countries.

Alex said that “Nobody in the team expected it to grow like that in several weeks”. Perfect effort of Alex and nine other colleagues from Moscow has brought out an amazing app to the world. Neural Network processing is technological background based on this application to recreate and stylize and match your photo with the best selection of world famous Arts and Crafts. This method was previously used by many researchers and Google personals to generate similar images. But PRISMA has become the world’s first technological example that is implemented to robustly transform images using a smart device for the public use.

PRISMA is not similar to the Instagram or other image editing and developing apps which let you several toggling options such as simple effects, lighting, tone and color. PRISMA will examine element by element on your photo thoroughly and it will recolor those elements while adding amazing and artistic effects on it. Alex says that “It completely redraws the image from scratch”.

PRISMA has been launched for Android.

Now the app has been launched for the Android devices and the development team has fixed their next milestone to improve the app to apply these artistic effects on videos. Now you can download the app for your Android devices from the Google Play Store. Users will be able to use PRISMA for videos within several weeks. Alex says that there will be a lot of really interesting releases and versions in the near future.

Startup of the app has begun as a free app for monetizing consist of 33 number of filters, but they are hoping to expand it to 50 in the future.

This description is a small explanation about PRISMA. For more details comment below. We will get back to you ASAP. Thank you…!

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