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Word games are highly benefiting the brain because they active parts of the brain and exercises the brain with language and word activities and popular word game apps android. There are many advantage s come with word games. It helps to develop your mind and skills making it little bit functioning and leaving refreshed. But you all get these benefits only with the worth selection you made. Android comes there as the best solution with amazing collection of word games.

Below I have picked some of the best Android Word games to keep you always busy with letters.

popular word game apps android 2016

Popular word game apps android 2016

Words with friends

Words with friends is the world most popular word game. It does not need any introduction as it is simple and easy to follow in its style. It is just like classic scrabble, what you have to do is make words on the board and compete with your friends for the best score.

Its features:

  • Plays anytime anywhere with offline solo play.
  • Connect with your friends and compete for the highest score.
  • Expand your vocabulary with dictionary and word of the day.
  • Chat with your friends in-game.
  • Available in number of languages.

What’s the Word

It is a simple yet amazing word game for Android. Players are shown four pictures and also a jumble of letters. You must then pick out the word based on something that all of the pictures have shown in common. This an amazing simple game but with so much fun and knowledge.


Dropwords is also a word game for Android devices. Players are asked to form word from a jumble of tiles on the board. Various options can tweak your play experience with words.

  • Multi-player mode
  • Customizable themes
  • Free to users.

4 Pics 1 Word

A simple yet surprising game that fits with anyone without any age barriers. It is available for free and hit with over 150,000,000 players worldwide. You can have endless fun with puzzles and unlock more levels. 4 Pics 1Word is a simple and highly addictive gameplay especially for word lovers to challenge themselves.


It is a challenging classic word game where players are given a limited amount of time in order to find words based on a jumble of letter cubes. It is among the most addictive word games and it looks deceptively easy and forces you to think harder.


If you are looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple scramble, SpellTowel is the best you can have. It is simple, stylish and furiously addictive. SpellTowel come with a clean design while maintaining an elegant gameplay that has made this hybrid of Boggle and Tetris so much popular in the App store. You can have amazing experience with words ever than before with SpellTowel game on your Android.

When words become more than what we talk and write it is absolutely more than just words. Now you can start playing with your words. It is amazing and a lot challenging. There are no age barriers for word lovers. You can earn a lot of knowledge while you are having so much fun with all you love.  Therefore start today itself to entertain yourself in somewhat an educational way to feel totally worth downloading.

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