Pokémon Go explained

All the people have got the Pokémon Go fever. Let’s catch up the new updates.

Pokémon Go explainedOh no it’s Pokémon season again, you may listened to so many stories based on Pokémon Go around these days. Some people say that there on hunting Pokémon on the streets, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, universities and even inside their washrooms. What’s revolution going on around the world? Let’s see what Pokémon Gois.

Pokémonwas very popular between 90’s kids and owned by the Nintendo. Pokémon was hidden for last few year silently and now it has converted into a huge storm over the world. Recently Pokémon Go has made a revolution through smart devices. Now Pokémon Go is available on iOS and Android devices for free downloads. Daily user rate of this has become higher as Twitter users.

If we simply explain, what is Pokémon Go? This is a game based on smart devices. It will use the GPS and clock to find your location and the time when you are playing the game and you will see “Pokémon” popping up around you on your map. You will get the real feeling when you are playing this game. This game builds interactions with the google map and when you roam around your location you can find more Pokémon, popping up Pokémon depends on the location and the time. This concept was named as “augmented reality” by the developers.

Why everyone is bothering about virtual creatures around them? Partly it is because it contains real world scenarios and the other thing it is given free.  This is really easy to download and install on your device.

An attempt to make a reality of Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Go explained 2Pokémon games introduced several monster characters to the world they got, several magical powers. But they were imagery characters. Those monsters had the appearance of dragons, snakes, rats, trees, birds, bats and eggs. Inside this game world people are named as “trainers”, they are able to catch monster creatures and domesticate them. So you will able to use them to fight against each other.

Previously Pokémon games were developed based on the hobby of bug catching. Final target of the old Pokémon was to catch all collection of virtual creatures. There were 151 virtual animals in the first generation game.

In the late nineties old generation game was spread around the world and it was popular as Pokémania. Genuine release of handheld game was launched in USA as Pokémon Red and Blue. After that there were several types of game versions, TV shows, movies, card collections books and toys related to Pokémon.

Unluckily Pokémon is not real yet, but the latest innovative technological improvement have got the ability to give some kind of a live feeling to the gamers through Pokémon Go. It will you give you a feeling like real Pokémon are roaming around you.

This is not another typical Pokémon GO game.

Pokémon Go is depended on the handheld devices, but it has something more than playing it with your hands. It provides a considerable amount of exposure to the environment around us. Another interesting thing, it keeps you walking. It assist you to explore and travel around your surroundings. You will need to travel around the real world to explore your game world. Pokémon Go explained 3

The handsome and sexy guy, professor Willow will give you the guidance and proper assistance for you to start the game. This game makes you an addicted explorer at different times. Appearing creatures can be different depending on the location and time. Assume that you have reached to a park in the evening, you will be able to see more number of bug type creatures. If you walk around a lake or if you go to a beach, you will be able to collect more water types.

This concept is enhanced with introducing real world well known landmarks as PokéStops. You can install special items from PokéStops, so you can attract more Pokémon and also you can fix stops to glow in pink. So players are encouraged to hang around the stop to attract more Pokémon.

Pokémon Go explained 4Combat is the drastic difference of the Pokémon Go. You don’t need to deploy your team of Pokémon to fight with the creature. You have to face the battle with the creature on your own. Throw a Poké Ball towards their direction and catch it.

“Pokémon GO” developers have given you the ability to customize your character at the beginning of the game. You will be asked to fix some hair styles, outfits and other wearable items when you start the game.

Pokémon Go explained 5However if you do it correctly, POKEMON GO will help you to go back in to your childhood memories with a great and unforgettable experience. There is no any other game based on this wonderful concept yet. Remember the days that you imagined that you are the best investigator for anything. Try this amazing experience and have fun. Good luck.

We are very thankfull for the developers. Here are the download links.

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