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What is Rotation Orientation Manager Software For Android?

The most Awesome and customization Orientation manager for Android. Actually, it is not Custom ROM.This Rotation Manager Apk is full unlock and the latest version for almost all android users.Seven( 7) days trial version allows you while you will be fully satisfied then, you can buy Rotation Key from Play store for unlimited usage to make huge Android Experience easily and Forever.
Rotation – An Orientation Manager is a user-friendly software which it helps to control device orientation. R.O.M brings all the modes that it supports for Android and you can also make each app settings to rotate according to your need. It doesn’t matter that app has that mode, ROM  fully overrides the app and system settings. Android user gains it lots of other useful features.Take care of your Phone’s Rotation with “Rotation” Orientation Manager
In 2014, we highlighted a totally free application called Rotation from XDA Recognized Developer and Themer Pranav Pandey. (you actually likely already know of his work — she has anybody behind the interface of the Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers application. ) The rotation was designed to replace Android’s basic alignment feature and let you control how and when your screen rotates. Today, they have gotten a large update.

Requires Android V 4.1 and up.It means that R.O.M is supported Android 4.1 to Android Oreo easily.

The rotation has recently been completely re-designed with Google’s Material Design guidelines in mind and made from the ground up to support Android Oreo. You will find APKs of the application that you can side-load on phone in the original XDA community forums thread, or you can grab it directly from the Play Store.


Bring a Lot of Awesome features and settings so that you can use according to your need and style.

Supported modes

System default modes
* Auto-Rotate On
* Auto-Rotate Off
Other modes to override system settings
* Forced Auto-Rotate
* Forced Portrait
* Forced Landscape
* Reverse Portrait
* Reverse Landscape
* Sensor Landscape
* Forced Full Sensor
Lock Current:- Automatically lock current device orientation

Rotate on demand

1. Rotate apps whenever you need. Expand the functionality of Per-App Settings with ease of access
2.Floating head:- A head remains on top of every app. Use it to change foreground app orientation. Single tap, Double tap, Drag and Long press & Drag to perform different actions
3. Quick notification:- Change orientation of foreground app from notification


1.Enable notifications for uninterrupted service.
2.Select notification click action.
3.Add toggles in notification to change orientation quickly.


1.Fully customisable widgets with lock screen support (Android 4.2.2+)
2.Service widget: To quickly toggle service
3.Mode widget: To quickly toggle between two selected modes
4.Dynamic widget: Add toggles according to your need

User Interface

1. Select from light and dark base themes inspired by Material UI
2. Add colours to suit your style via Rotation theme accents. Xperia™ theme accents are also supported
3. Choose from two icon sets via default and Inverted style
4.Themes will be applied to App, Widgets and Notification Toggles

In-built support

1.Backup and Restore:- Backup your settings and restore in case of failure
2.Reset settings within the app
3. Restart application if it doesn’t behave properly
4.You can report bug via email

Other features

1.Start on boot:- Start rotation service on boot
2.Vibration:- To notify when screen orientation changes with customisable vibration length
3.Help and Info:- Detailed info about orientation mode and easy to understand Tutorial
4. Uninstall option within the app

Per-App Settings

1.Select Orientation for individual apps
2. Override Lock screen orientation
3.Control Phone call orientation


1.Usage statistics (5.0+): For per app settings
2.Retrieve running apps: For per app settings
3.Modify system settings: To change system settings
4.Draw over other apps: To change foreground orientation
5.Run at startup: To start service when device boots up
6.Vibration: To vibrate device when orientation changes
7.Modify USB storage: To create and restore backup (nothing else)

What’s New

Improved notification and stability
Preparing for a reboot! Till then, enjoy all new Rotation.
Most features are FREE forever!
Use Rotate on demand to learn hidden apps (set any orientation) to make them visible in Per-App Settings
Lollipop: Enable Rotation from App usage settings OR Advance settings — Advanced algorithm — Permission
Go to Rotation > Per-App Settings > Rotation and select Behind orientation so that there will be no conflict with your other apps.

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