Nova Launcher apk for Android

Nova Launcher apk for Android

If you want to change things up on your device, Nova launcher apk is the best place you need to be settled on. To create an amazing Android experience for those who like more, Nova launcher plays an important role. It will make your phone and tablet look, act and feel absolutely better than ever.

There are plenty of launcher apps you will find in Google play. However Nova launcher apk is in a higher place than any other similar applications as it brings you a big difference. It is a good chance for the user who needs everything at hand.

Nova launcher has developed based on the stock jelly bean launcher with many more enhancements and features. Unread count on icons, gestures, themes, handy icon pack support, multiple drawers and transition animations are some of them.Nova Launcher apk for Android

Nova Launcher apk features

If we talk further about its features, it has endless options to customize. If you are not happy with the way your home screen and app drawer look or bored of seeing every time in the way you brought it, you can simply install Nova launcher and experience a vast customization options. One of the main things that users prefer about Nova launcher is the scrolling dock.

Addition to that icon customization, drag and drop to create folders, folders in the app drawer, ability to hide applications, drawer tabs, best transition effects, gestures and many more allows for thousands of customization options according to users. You can swipe over icons to get an additional action, for more Nova launcher apk organizes the icons in your icon packs into groups. Though there are many launcher apps available today, Nova stands above all them as it runs smoother on your device than any other application. Nova has created exactly focusing on your requirements.

Its capabilities are higher compared to other similar applications. It provides a cleaner experience upon install. Most of these features can be found in similar launcher applications, but unlike any other Nova is much more stable, faster and run absolutely smoother. That is the main reason for Nova to become the favorite of the Android community.

Nova Launcher apk 4.2.2 download

Nova Launcher apk 3.3 download

More about Nova Launcher apk

Below I have listed down few most important features we discussed above and also some more in briefly that come with Nova as a number one launcher app for Android.

  • Nova launcher apk is a highly customizable app which replaces the home screen and comes with many more customization options.
  • This is a good customizable launcher for Android operating system from 4.0 onwards.
  • It has options for selecting various color themes and icon themes for all the apps.
  • “Nova launcher apk” includes a scrollable dock for adding favorite apps for your choice.
  • Options are available for customizing app drawer like transparency and scrolling features.
  • Backup and restore options.
  • Scroll effects, infinite scroll, folder icons, widgets in the dock, add multiple apps to the desktop or folder at once and activities shortcut are other features come with Nova app.
  • It comes in two versions, one is free and the other is the prime version which has to be installed by paying few amounts. Addition to all above Nova launcher prime (paid version) includes some more features like advanced gesture support, improved drawer groups, hide apps, dock swipes, more scroll effects and also unread counts.

If we dive deep and see the benefits and features of Nova, we would be definitely pleased with how smoothly it performs in your device. So if you are looking for a third party option to make changes up on the device, NOVA LAUNCHER APK is the best I recommend for a clean and safe change for what you ever wish.

Nova Launcher Developing by TeslaCoil Software. They got the credit for Make This amazing app. Official Web :

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