Netguard app open source no-root firewall

Netguard app | Open source no-root firewall

Netguard is a firewall program runs on your PC to block access to the internet. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access from network. Sometimes if you are new to this subject you might feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with these terms. Therefore first of all I will tell few most important facts about firewall security system.Netguard app open source no-root firewall

What is “a firewall” and why is it important?

A physical firewall is used to prevent an entire building from being destroyed; likewise an internet firewall is also designed to prevent your operating system from being hacked or destroyed by unauthorized access. Firewall can be implemented in both hardware and software as well as in a combination of both.

Today use of internet plays an important role in everyone’s lives. People use internet to do business, to research topics, to shop, to meet people, for entertainment and for many more. This higher level of internet usage really makes an internet firewall important and essential. A good internet firewall can protect you from online treats. There are number of firewall systems available today and they work differently, for further individual users have the right to decide to how far they want to filter through and what websites are safe to use.

Below I have listed down some of the advantages of an internet firewall.

  • It has the ability to keep private information secure.
  • Firewall is a good defense against online treats.
  • With firewall you can make sure that the information on your computer and information that you share online remains only for your eyes.
  • This saves your data and your cash.

Netguard for Android is a well known no-root firewall solution for your Android. It is a simple way to block access to the internet. Applications can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wireless internet or mobile connection. Sometimes you will not feel comfortable with applications which require root access. Even though you are in need of a particular application you might feel doubt on this rooting matter. But Netguard does not require root access. Therefore you can easily get Netguard access on your Android as it provides a simple way to get rid of most of the internet troubles.

There are many alternative methods to block internet access similar in functioning to netguard, but they require root access to function. There Netguard uses different techniques to function. The application relies on an API which was introduced in Android 5.0. The most important point we come across is it only filters a selected traffic instead of filtering all internet traffic. This means advanced features like address based filtering, traffic logging, and on demand configuration are not possible. Blocking access to the internet can help user in many ways. It will reduce the data consumption and also saves your battery power while increasing the privacy.

Features of Netguard app no-root firewall

  • No root required
  • Simple to use
  • Free of charge
  • Open source
  • No extra battery usage
  • No bandwidth reduction
  • No tracking or analytics
  • No ads
  • No internet permission required
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
  • Optionally allow when screen on
  • Optionally block when roaming
  • Block both system and user applications

Netguard is the first free and open source no-root firewall available for your Android.  These features will not come to you with any other firewall application and all these function perfectly on your Android device in order to block unwanted access to internet for needed applications at needed times.

We are thanking for “Marcel Bokhorst” about developing Netguard app. You can download it from below link.

Download Netguard App

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