Navbar Weather Brings Local Weather Forecast On The Navigation Bar

Navbar Weather Brings Local Weather Forecast On The Navigation Bar

What is “Navbar Weather”?

Now you can use  Navigation Bar usefully why it has turned as weather App which brings weather forecast with beautiful and detailed weather chart. Navbar is a weather app that brings forecast in a unique way and simple manner as chart and forecast details. So convenient way to know weather easily and productively is the usage of the navigation bar in your smartphone.

How does it work?

Generally, we have seen only the Weather widget on the  Android Home screen so developer design it as Navbar. So  Navbar Weather tested only for some Android phones, however, it works also on any other smartphone with Navigation Bar according to App design. This app does NOT need ROOT access. It means that you can use it on smart Phone which runs stock firmware as well as if you have rooted android device when you can use it too. So you can install it on your Android Device from Google play store easily.

Features Of Navbar Weather App

Navbar Weather App helps to predict about 5 days/3-hour weather forecast:
It can bring us location related detailed forecast report every 3 hours.
It includes Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Cloudiness, Wind speed and Rain volume – all that presented on detailed chart
Two types of charts is available now: line chart and bar chart,So we can understand weather condition productively than previous.

At any moment you can change 5 days/3-hour forecasts to daily forecast.

Anyway, if you are not like the chart when you can switch it to image forecast with data for the next 12 hours and sunset and sunrise time.Navbar App disappear on sometimes from navigation bar while the need to turn off battery optimization for Navbar Weather in your Android settings.
Navbar App needs permission to get localization of your smartphone (to get localized weather forecast data) and permission to display over other apps (it’s obligatory to place weather forecast at your navigation bar).

Okay, don’t delay to use this valuable app to make huge android experience easily. Download, install and run this app on your Android device easily.

To perform Download From XDA Developer’s Free Version  >>>>>>Click Here(Pro Version)

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