Maru Custom ROM | Maru OS (convert Phone to PC)

In earlier computers are very heavy, expensive and slow by performance. But day by day it is transform into a portable. In today we are in the era of using smart phones as a pocket type PC.

Hence mobile devices are replaced with functions of the large Computers in some instances the software’s are not really match with the devices.Maru Custom ROM-Maru OS

Maru Custom ROM combines the computer and phone, and you don’t to get new parts to use it. Directly you can flash Maru Custom Rom into your device.

What is this Maru Custom ROM/Maru OS

Mainly Maru OS developed for connect a phone directly to any monitor to have PC experience. Yes, Maru is doing that. When its connected to any monitor it never disabling your phones display. And also it gives you to access all the phone functions while connected as PC. Without any problem for the connected Monitor. So this have duel OS.

This happens because Maru has linux container that  gives to run Debian linux. Dabian makes the ability to change the PC style apps when connected to a large Displays. Dabian installed in chroot inside of Android. Maru Custom ROM is user friendly can very easy to use when compares to the others. Maru Custom ROM is developed by Preetam D’Souza. And He decided to make Maru as a Open-Source Project. Because there are plenty of different different android devices and this cannot be done by one person. The code will be released near future. He is working on documentation of it for have developers to get more clear about developing Maru.

Still Maru Custom ROM compatible with Nexus 5. But Maru is Open-source, so it will developed rapidly. So many custom ROM developing Guys out there. They will not forget Maru. So Maru Custom ROM or OS will make you different both PC and Phone experience. It will compatible to other devices soon.

Advantages of Maru OS

  • Dual OS in phone
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Lightweight Distro Packages
  • Zero Bloat ware, except Google Play
  • Run a web server from your pocket
  • You can set up a portable development environment

How does Maru Custom ROM works

  • Get an HDMI cable and connect your phone to the monitor. Maru Custom ROM suggests Cable Matters Micro USB Slim Port to HDMI Cable.
  • Connect Android supported Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. You’re ready to go.

Installation Steps of Maru Custom ROM/Maru OS

  1. Download the beta package by signing up at Maru Custom ROM.
  2. Copy it to phone’s memory.
  3. Install Clockwork Mod or TWRP custom recoveries.
  4. Enter into boot loader mode.
  5. Select Wipe.

Click Install. Locate the file and install it.

After completion of installation, which will take about 5-10 minutes device will restart.

So the Thanks to Maru ( Developer- Preetam D’Souza) now you can use your phone as a PC. Without having any changes. Maru 0.1a is the latest released version and it is only working with nexus 5.

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