Magisk 18.0 released with new Manager app for better anti-root detection and built-in systemless hosts module for Android

Magisk is still the access method for rooting several devices and for making changes to the system, while maintaining access to applications that depend on the security network for root access and system modifications.

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Magisk has now been upgraded to version 18.0 as a stable version. This version brings improvements to Magisk Hide, for the process monitors now matches the names of the components in place of the names of the processes. This, in turn, allows Magisk Hide to address all the processes generated from the applications in the hidden list. Magisk is also patching the procfs security utility on all Android 7.0+ devices with this new version, and now a new C ++-based code base has been changed instead of the previous C-based code base Administrator from Magisk an update to version 6.1.0 is also available to be fully compatible with the new version of Magisk.

The full changelog of  v18  has released is given as  below:

Magisk v18.0

  • [General] Migrate all code base to C++
  • [General] Modify database natively instead of going through Magisk Manager
  • [General] Deprecate path /sbin/.core, please start using /sbin/.magisk
  • [General] Boot scripts are moved from <magisk_img>/.core/<stage>.d to /data/adb/<stage>.d
  • [General]Remove native hosts without a system (Magisk Manager is updated with a host module without an integrated system)
  • [General] Allow module scripts to disable/remove modules
  • [MagiskHide]Use component names in the place of process names as targets
  • [MagiskHide] Add procfs protection on SDK 24+ (Nougat)
  • [MagiskHide]Delete the /backup folder to avoid detection
  • [MagiskHide]The hiding list is now stored in the database instead of the raw text file in the images
  • [MagiskHide] Add “–status” option to CLI
  • [MagiskHide] Stop unmounting non-custom related mount points
  • [MagiskSU] Add FLAG_INCLUDE_STOPPED_PACKAGES in broadcasts to force wake Magisk Manager
  • [MagiskSU] Fix a bug causing SIGWINCH not properly detected
  • [MagiskPolicy] Support new av rules: type_change, type_member
  • [MagiskPolicy]Remove all hearing rules after patching sepolicy to record all rejections for debugging
  • [MagiskBoot] Properly support extra_cmdline in boot headers
  • [MagiskBoot] Try to repair broken v1 boot image headers
  • [MagiskBoot] Add new CPIO command: “exists”

Magisk Manager v6.1.0

  • No longer uses buggy system Download Manager with Introduced new downloading methods
  • Introduce many new notifications for better user experience
  • Add support for Magisk v18.0
  • After hiding (repackaging) to avoid detection of the application name, Change the name of the application as “Manager”
  • Add built-in systemless hosts module (access in settings)
  • After hiding(repackaging) and restoring Magisk Manager,Auto launch the newly installed app
  • Fix bug causing incomplete module.prop in modules to have improper UI

The new updates to Magisk and Magisk Manager can be downloaded from the Magisk XDA thread.

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