Lockdown Pro app – Password Protect Apps

Lockdown Pro app – Password Protect Apps

Lockdown Pro App is the best way to make sure your smart device is secured when letting others to use it. Privacy is important for everyone. That is why everybody uses different kinds of pin codes or unlocks patterns on the devices. But is it enough to privatize your things? For me it is not enough at all to protect contained information on my device. You might feel the same as I do. If it is so what I am going to tell you today will be so much important for you.

Lockdown Pro App

Lockdown Pro APP is a reliable way of restricting access over certain applications and paths such as emails, messages, gallery, Viber, Facebook etc. It simply helps you to stop people from accessing applications that you do not want anyone to get into. You can set up a password protection for the selected applications with Lockdown Pro. There are three kinds of pass codes can be applied. According to individual perception you can select to set a classic pin code password, a pattern or a calculator entry. You have the access to itemize the applications that you need to apply the password protection. It includes Android system apps and also third party applications on your device.

Lockdown Pro app Highlighting Features

  • Simple user interface
  • Single tap to lock apps
  • Auto lock options
  • Three password modes, such as Pattern lock, classic pin code password and calculator lock
  • Location based locking and unlocking
  • Locking /unlocking apps automatically when connected to WIFi.
  • Auto send email with some information and pictures of the person who try to access the device
  • Active lock apps with a SMS
  • More themes for your choice
  • Apply Fake cover: This feature will fake a crash dialogue cover when opening an app that has been locked
  • Random keyboard password
  • Time PIN password (Ex: If the time is 12:50, the PIN will be 1250)
  • Screen timeout: The screen will never turn off when running registered apps
  • Auto rotation: The screens of your device will not auto rotate when running registered apps.
  • Hide app icon (remove lockdown pro icon on app drawer and home screen)
  • Advanced language support
  • Completely free to user

Lockdown Pro app is a very powerful security tool which is supported with a bundle of locking options. Location based locking/unlocking is a remarkable features included in Lockdown Pro. What I like most in this app is “Fake cover” feature. You can apply it to the locked applications where an error screen is shown if someone try to access.

Lock down your Apps and protect your privacy with Lockdown Pro app

Lockdown Pro app is very simple to setup and run. Once you have entered a pass code or pattern you will be asked for that in every time you want to access the app. You can lock the applications just in a single tap. The applications will be locked as according to your choice and there is no automatically select all options that lock down all applications. There you can trust Lockdown Pro for a great performance over the device. As to my view this is the best security tool for those who wish to restrict access on certain applications on their Android and to maintain a good privacy within the device.

Get it From Play Store.

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