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Do you know Gesture-Based technology for Android?. Gesture-Based technology is one of the huge inventions of this era which it can help to customize our requirements using some simple motion.iOS platform added gesture Based technology for their devices at starting of that OS while android platform continuously tries to add this feature for their Android Devices. Finally, Android also succeed about Gesture-based adding Project for the Android Devices.

Understand my friends, you can use gesture-based technology for your android devices using well improved XDA developer’s App of  Navigation Gesture. You can get so many best features from Navigation gesture. It brings you as both premium and Free version. Anyway, both versions bring most of best features than previous Gesture based Apps. But premium Navigation Gesture incudes so many best features than the free version. Another important fact is the only one that can fully replace the navigation bar. Other apps require root access, enable Immersive Mode system-wide, or attempt to force fullscreen mode to hide the navigation bar. New Navigation gesture doesn’t do any of that.

The latest updates are rolling out to users on the Play Store now. You can feel this technology easy to get the productive Android device. however, this app can use only for Android version 5 and upper versions, so you don’t try for lower android version.

Navigation gesture control bar is replacing the stock navigation bar after installing this App on your Android Device. After installation has finished, there will be created an alternative button instead to all of the  Instead of original three buttons. Gesture App brings many ways to interact with the gesture control bar, including swiping in all four cardinal directions, single tap, double tap, long press, and a swipe up and holds gesture. Each of these gestures has a range of customizable actions. We offer standard navigation actions for each gesture in the free version, but we also offer additional actions such as pulling down the notification shade, opening the power menu, skipping to the previous/next track, and more to come if you purchase the premium version.

Download Free Version

Download Premium Version

The free version includes best features as below,

Features of Free Navigation Gesture

Appearance (all free)

– Toggle pill shadow
– Customize pill colour
– Customize pill transparency
– Customize pill border colour
– Customize pill corner radius
– Customize pill width/height
– Customize pill vertical/horizontal position

Behavior (all free)

– Hide in fullscreen apps
– Don’t move pill above a keyboard
– Customize swipe and hold time
– Customize vibration duration
– Customize animation duration

Compatibility (all free)

– Hide original navigation bar in landscape
– Tablet mode fixes
– Larger hitbox
– Keep original navigation bar in fullscreen apps


Download Free Version

Features of Premium Navigation Gesture

Current list of premium version brings above all features and mentioned best features in this chapter.

– Pull down the notification shade
– Pull down quick setting tiles
– Open power menu
– Skip to previous media track*
– Skip to next media track*
– Play/pause current media track*
– Switch keyboard dialogue
– Launch app**

Download Premium Version

If you need to know more details about Gesture-based technology when you can read this article to fulfil your requirements easily.

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