KingRoot or Any 3rd Party Apps Can Use Safely|Safest Method To Use Any Free Rooting Tools

Nature Of Any 3rd Party Apps

Any free Apps developers also need expenses to conduct their life.In this era anyone can’t live without money so most free Apps developers include the feature of Advertisement displaying  while  using the  free Apps on your android device.Anyway most Ad-Blocker Apps developers and bloggers always imagine bad impressions that advertisements are always not good for your works.Understand,above statement is also given them as business strategy.So don’t misunderstand, actually sometime displaying Advertisements are making headache but they bring us helpful details such as some current situation,university details,current investigation…etc. Anyway,understand, advertisement gains us  so many valuable information on our society why this era we can’t live without information.

I hear sometime that KingRoot also bring same troubles  while  using  the Android phone after rooting with KingRoot. Actually,aim of this article is how to solve such problems simply on your android device.Some Android users  says that KingRoot bring these troubles during the installation as well as after the installation of KingRoot. Actually,it menas that KingRoot need permissions for bellow facts to installation complete.

1.Draw Over the other Apps

It means that KingRoot ask about permission to the ruining Apps on your Device.Don’t worry. KingRoot need make root access on your Android Device so it need some details to do it properly.Think about  civil war,how to find civilians from the community during war. But understand,they all are mixed as civilians   and as well as terrorists. Anyway,if there has  a mechanism to filter the civilians from the community.Then, soldier can fight easily with terrorist.Anyway,why KingRoot need App details during the installation to make rooting procedure correctly.So you all dont afraid to give Apps details for KingRoot.

2.Take pictures and videos

All one click rooting tools occurs this problems why they need details for further advertisements

3.Read Phone status and identity

All one click rooting tools occurs this problems why they need details for further advertisement

4.Modify or delete the content of your SD cards and read the content of the SD card

If there has some file which do not support to KingRoot when it can delete them why some files are not supported to KingRoot.

Understand my friends,directly or indirectly, all free apps take such  details from your device during the installation as well as after the installation.So you need  try to stop it  through ethical way and i specially bring this article to protect your privacy for sure.Additionally,every person has so many private details which they need to keep well.

Don’t worry,anyway you can solve all above problems easily using by Xposed Frameworks.Actually,you can turn  your phone’s setting as your wish through Xposed Module.To protect your privacy and further operations better, you can use Xprivacy Easily.

What is Xprivacy

XPrivacy is Android app which allow you to hide your Mobile’s Informations from any app. Do you know? any app you install in your android phone, they take all of your data like Android Id, IMEI, Gmail id, Ip Address etc. So they will secretly collect all  your informations for the advertiesing purposes. Anyway,it is not good for your privacy.

To block the  Snooping our device information by other Apps,Xprivacy App can create a information to  send fake details or disallow for  other party apps.  Finally ,Others Apps  do not take our info. So this is best application which you can use  your Android Smart Phone without any issues . So now, let’s talk about all the benefits of Xprivacy app and How to  Use it. Wow,read  well  this complete Guide is  given as below.

Benefits of Xprivacy app

  • Totally Free to Use, No Need to Pay
  • Works with any app
  • Simple to use & fully working
  • Snoop IMEI, Android id, GUID in any app, without changing original android values.
  • & Much more features…

Some Basic Requirements before Use / Install Xprivacy + Xposed app

  • Xposed Framework app – Download ( Kitkat version ) ( Lollipop Version ) .You need to  Download Xposed framework according to your version of  Rooted Android Smart Phone.
  • Xprivacy app – Download
  • Any custom recovery like cwm , twrp – For Android Lollipop mobile phones only, no need for jelly bean or kitkat devices.
  • Rooted Android Mobile Phone.

To take Complete Knowledge,

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How ToRoot Any Android Device With KingRoot

How to Install Xposed Framework / Installer

How to install Xposed Kitkat

  • Download Xposed Framework.I have mentioned link as above.
  • After Successfully Install Xposed Framework in your Android Smart Phone, you can  Open it
  • It Will Show you Some Options such as Framework, Modules, Downloads and Etc.
  • You should Click on “Framework” & After that, Go to “Install/Update” & Click on it
  • Then ,Xposed  will ask for Root permissions, click on Grant permissions, & Just Restart Smart Phone.(It means that to installation of Xposed Framework need a rooted Android device.)

xposed framework  does not support  for some android Smart Device such as Gionee Android phone etc.

How to install Xposed Installer on Lollipop 5.0 / 5.1

  • Download Xposed framework of lollipop
  • After successfully download, Now install Xposed framework in your phone & Open it.Then, you will see that xposed is not active
  • Now boot into recovery mode  & flash xposed zip file which you have downloaded as above steps
  • Then, After you have  successfully flashed files, Reboot your Phone & you are done.

How to Install Xrivacy App in your Rooted Android Phone

  • Install Xprivacy app
  • Open Xposed Framework app
  • Go to Modules & Tick on Xprivacy app
  • Then, you should Restart Your Phone again & Now you can use Xprivacy app on your Rooted Android Phone to protect your important details and other files.

How to Use Xprivacy App

  • After you have Successfully Installed Xprivacy app on your Android Smart Phone,then you can  Open Xprivacy app to further operations.
  • Now It will load the list of total installed applications on your mobile phone
  • Then you can select  which you want to snoop, click on it
  • After it, Click on Anything, which you wants to snoop like location, identification, phone (IMEI)  etc.
  • There Go to settings & Click on “Randomize Data” Button & Click on Save Button
  • Much more options in this app, you can use them according to your convenience.

If you help this article to use properly your Android device when you can comment about it.Thanks

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