KingRoot EXE/APK brings One-click Root To Varies Android Devices Productively|Download

KingRoot is an awesome Android Rooting Tool which help for the purpose of rooting your smartphone. KingRoot is powerful rooting application design by KingRoot studio and it is available for free.KingRoot builds as 2 main versions such as KingRoot Apk & KingRoot PC.However,you have problem why need 2 main KingRoot version?don’t worry about it .Reason to be made 2 version is purpose of gotten rooted android device easily as well as productively than other rooting tool.Think,if you couldn’t to root your android device with KingRoot Apk when you can root your Android device with KingRoot PC version easily and sure because KingRoot PC is most exploit version than KingRoot Apk. If you hope to download KingRoot application so that you can root your Android smartphone or tablet, you are on the right page.

Here, we have provided all the versions of KingRoot application which has been released till now.

KingRoot Application Features:

1) One-Click Root:

The KingRoot application offers you root your Android Device pretty quickly as well as productively.You can successfully rooted your Android Device just one-click easily with KingRoot. This rooting tool is most user friendly software in the Android market and not needed big knowledge to operate this tool to get your task productively.

2) Free Android App:

The KingRoot application brings you as  free Android app that it means ,you can download and use it without paying any coins.However,KingRoot is not in the Google PlayStore but you can download it easily from on of  secured web-sites.Anyway,if you get download from any websites when you should check first whether it is secured or not. The is one of the secured web-site so you can download KingRoot and other required Apps safely.

3) Active Connectivity  Needed:

The KingRoot application requires an active internet connection to root your Smartphone.KingRoot use some rooting exploit by their web-saver during the rooting process so you should need to conduct stable internet connection during the rooting process.

4) No Data-Loss Process:

You don’t afraid to data loss because the app works to root your device without data-loss. All the personal data in your Android smartphone like pictures, videos, contacts, music, etc., will not  affected by using the KingRoot application to your device.Otherwise,you can get every backup through the appropriate backup Tool

5) Safest Android Rooting Tool

KingRoot is not a Malware which it is best Android Rooting software.Some Platforms say that KingRoot is Malware/virus program and it steals your sensitive data from your device.But it is  definitely wrong statement.Understand,most manufacturers are not like to Android development such as Android Rooting which brings them so many disadvantages.So manufacturers are spread so many wrong statement about KingRoot which it is business stagy.However,user should not mislead to suck statements.Actually,after root your Android Device with KingRoot,you can gain so many benefits over the Smartphone run stock firmware.

3) Not Essentially Installation Of SuperSU: SuperSU is an Android application designed the purpose of grant permissions on Android applications of Rooted Android Device requires root permissions. You will not need to manually install SuperSU in your device after gaining root privileges in other rooting methods because KingRoot will automatically install kingUser to mange your Android Device after rooting. Kinguser is also root managing tools such as SuperSU,Magisk..etc

Download KingRoot Application 5.3.6 (KingRoot.apk):

KingRoot v5.3.6.apk |Download

KingRoot v5.3.3|Download

KingRoot v5.3.2|Download

KingRoot v5.3.1|Download

KingRoot v5.3.0|Download

KingRoot v5.2.2|Download

KingRoot v5.2.1|Download

KingRoot v5.2.0|Download

KingRoot v5.1.2|Download

KingRoot v5.1.0|Download

KingRoot v5.0.6|Download

KingRoot v5.0.5|Download

KingRoot v5.0.4|Download

KingRoot v5.0.3|Download

KingRoot v5.0.2|Download

KingRoot v5.0.1|Download

KingRoot v5.0.0|Download

KingRoot v4.9.7|Download

KingRoot v4.9.6|Download

KingRoot v4.9.5|Download

KingRoot v4.9.3|Download

KingRoot v4.9.2|Download

KingRoot v4.9.0|Download

KingRoot v4.8.5|Download

KingRoot v4.8.2|Download

KingRoot v4.8.0|Download

KingRoot v4.6.5|Download

KingRoot v4.6.0|Download

KingRoot v4.5.2|Download

KingRoot v4.5.0|Download

KingRoot v4.1.0|Download

KingRoot v4.0.1 |Download

Special Point for you

1) Android rooting with KingRoot is very easy task than other rooting tool.You should Just install the KingRoot on your Android device, open it, click on the root button to root your device.Once you have rooted your Android device,you can check it easily using Root checker easily

2) If  KingRoot  gain root permissions easily in your device when it will also void your Android device warranty. Without unroot your Android device, you can not to claim warranty.

4) If you would like to unroot your Android smartphone by uninstalling Kinguser application, check out our guide to remove kinguser and unroot Android device.

5) If you would like to replace the Kinguser app installed by KingRoot for managing root permissions on your Android device with SuperSU app, follow our guide to replace Kinguser with SuperSU.

6) If this app doesn’t root your device, try these alternative one-click root Android applications: Framaroot, Towelroot, iRoot, Root Genius ,KingoRoot,Dr.Fone,Wondershare TunesGo..etc.

7) If you need KingRoot PC version when you can search this link here.


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