How to install xposed framework on Android marshmallow

Let’s see how to install Xposed framework on Marshmallow. This article will explain to you “How to install xposed framework on Android marshmallow”.It is easy to install Xposed framework on previous versions of Android. But it has changed little bit in marshmallows. But it is also easy. We have created full step by step guide. Follow those guidelines and get Xposed framework on your marshmallow device.

install xposed framework on Android marshmallowXposed Framework? Little intro.

If you installed the Xposed framework, then you can change your android system properties without installing any other Custom ROMs. It is easy to use and many many interesting features have on it. You can make your Android device to have completely different Android device. So there is no need to install Custom ROMs to your device to change your device. Need more : What is Xposed Framework and how it’s working.

How to How to install xposed framework on Android marshmallow.

You must have rooted android Marshmallow device. If you haven’t rooted your device try these methods.

You have to install a Custom Recovery (like TWRP) on your device.

Then you have to flash Xposed installer to your device via Custom Recovery.

Now you can install the Framework and you can use it.

Step By Step Guide to How to install xposed framework on Android marshmallow.

  • Make sure your device have Android Marshmallow or Related custom ROM.
  • You have to root your device. Find it on here or google it.
  • Must install custom recovery (TWRP,CWM) on your device.
  • You have to enable “Unknown Source” on your device. Go to Settings of your device and go to Security option.
  • Download the suitable Xposed framework zip from here. (Make sure to choose supported Xposed Framework related to your device) Must save in your device.
  • Download the Xposed installer file to your android device.
  • Now turn off your device and reboot to recovery mode. (when you turn on you device press both volume down and power button)
  • Now in TWRP select install section. Then select the downloaded zip file. Then swipe to install Xposed installer Zip file. Or you can use Flashify to install Xposed installer Zip.
  • After installing process finished, wipe cache and reboot device.
  • After reboot in to normal mode, Find the downloaded Xposed apk and install it to your device. Then open the installed Xposed framework app. Go to the framework section. You can see Xposed Framework has been insatalled on your device.
  • Finally you have installed Xposed framework on your device and now you can go to Download section on Xposed app, then you can install any module to your device.
  • After installing a module you have to go to modules section of the Xposed app and have to activate the downloaded module.
  • This is the quick steps to install Xposed Framework on your Marshmallow or Cyenogen Mod 13.

How to choose compatible Xposed installer and Download

  • ARM version for older devices.
  • ARM 64 for newer devices
  • X86 for intel based devices

Xposed installer v3 alpha 4 apk

Download Xposed installer zip

Xposed arm zip

Xposed arm64 zip

Xposed X86 zip

How to uninstall Xposed Framework on Marshmallows

Download suitable file and flash the uninstaller to your device.

Xposed uninstaller arm zip

Xposed uninstaller arm64 zip

Xposed uninstaller X86 zip

Hav any issues please comment below.

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