Idea behind Xposed Framework apps

Idea behind Xposed Framework apps

One of the best things about Android is its customization options, so that everyone can get their own personalized experience. If you are not happy with the ROM that comes with your phone, you can easily flash a custom ROM which comes with modified system based and makes your Android run better on the device. Tweaks, additional features, enhanced themes, excellent performance are usually can be experienced with Custom ROMs. But flashing a custom ROM is not that easy as it sounds, and if you make any mistakes within the process, it could brick your phone. Additionally the custom ROMs might not give all the features you like, and this is where Xposed Framework comes in.Xposed Framework apps

The whole idea behind Xposed framework app is to give customer more customization experience on your current Android firmware rather than installing custom ROMs. It enables all kinds of customization on your Android allowing users to enhance and add features to the device. The most important part is it makes all these changes without touching the original files or APKs. So it is the easiest way to get new features work without going for flashing ROMs.

This Xposed Framework is a base application for rooted Android devices which allows installing number of modules on your Android. Rooting your device further expands the potential and letting you run applications that can modify the core of Operating System. It operates on modules that run on memory. So if you to remove any changes that you have made with this, you just have to remove it easily by disabling the modules and rebooting. There is no complicated process required to reverse any changes you make, Xposed Framework app is much more powerful but things are pretty easier for you to handle. There are plenty of modules you can get on your device, but selective Xposed modules supports each of the Android version. Here I have collected some must have Xposed modules you can try through this piece of writing.

Xposed modules behind Xposed Framework apps

  • Gravity Box

Gravity Box is always among the best reasons why to use Xposed Framework. It is targeted for Android 4.1 + which provides a large range of mods. It is an absolutely comprehensive tool for moding which can enhance the Android interface to the best.

  • Xposed Additions

Comes with a configuration option to allow remapping of hardware button, reset the duration of long-press action, set device awake/sleep state when USB is plugged in/out.

  • Wanam Kit

If you are looking to further customize your status bar, as well as other UI elements, the Wannam module is the best one for you. This gives you the chance to tweak and customize various visual elements including a lot of functionality to the device.

  • XuiMod

Compilations of features ported from other ROMs packed into one mod.

  • BootManager

Chooses the app you want to prevent running upon system startup using BootManager. Just install the Xposed module and tap on the apps you really want to exclude. The app will mark these apps and next time you boot the phone, they will not be carry out.

  • Keepchat

Keepchat automatically save snapchat image the moment it is opened, in snapchat.

  • Xprivacy

This is a permission manger that enables you to mange which functions and data on your device apps can actually access. It is one of the most popular Xposed modules available.

  • Android phone Vibrator

This option will allow your Android phone to vibrate whenever a call is connected or disconnected upon calling.

  • XBlast Tools

The Xblast tools module for the Xposed framework brings an extended experience of theming for your Android device. with this module you can enjoy a host of options for customizing your device the way you want.

  • Tinted Status Bar

This does not hold any functional feature which eases your work, but it will give your phone a sleek and elegant finish. That can be edited manually too. You can change the status bar color to match the current active app with Tinted Status Bar module.

  • App Settings

This is one of the best modules, which can change per-app generic settings. For example: DPI, rotation, app behavior, full screen etc.

  • Maximize Widgets on Lock screen

It expands lock screen widgets when device unlocked for quicker viewing of notifications.

  • MultiZone Clock

This is the Xposed Framework module to show two clocks with different time zones at your status bar.

  • Instagram Downloader

This module adds more features to the official Instagram app.

  • YouTube Adway

This app can completely remove YouTube ads from the official Android YouTube app.

  • Network Speed Indicator

One of the best parts of Xposed modules is that they can be layered one on the top of another. That means you can make changes on the same application using number of modules. The customizations are endless with Xposed modules.

Installing Xposed Framework apps

The first thing you need to do is install the Xposed Framework installer app and then sideload the downloaded APK to your device in order to install it. Once it is installed, launch the app from your app drawer and go to framework. There tap the install button and wait for few minutes and it will show you a Superuser request, which you should make sure to grant. Then it will be successfully installed and you need to reboot the device before you can start using it. When your device reboots, Xposed Framework app will be fully installed on your device and then it will be ready to install its modules. They are just APK files that can be installed easily like any other APK files.

The way Xposed Framework functions opens up truly revolutionary development in the world of Android customization. With the right selection of modules, you can experience the major features of custom ROMs on your device, but still being on the stock ROM. So try Xposed framework to enables all kind of customization which allows Android users to enhance the look and add many features to the device in order to make it feel in a better way.

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