Huge Android Apps That Will Make Your iPhone Friends Jealous

Huge Android Apps That Will Make Your iPhone Friends Jealous

One of the best features of Android is the large number of customization options offered by the developers. While the iPhone is more a status symbol than a phone, Android has simple user-friendly features, all geeks like to play with advanced open source programming. Some of the best Apps for Android are quite unique because they do something that Apple simply would not allow their products. These Applications give you the ability to send messages to your friends without stopping the movie you are watching, turn the LED lights for customized reports and hold your phone to your laptop without leaving your data provider to charge you.

These App features below are never allowed on an Apple Device

Locale lets you customize your Android Phone with crazy levels of details

Locale is an automation App that allows you to customize the way your Phone behave in decent amount of chances, to  make it automated and get things out. The Locale works on collecting such information like your time, location, Device battery percentage, the Device orientation and so on and performs some limited action what we have already choose to happen.

For example, think of a phone call that interrupts you on a meeting, you can set up a plan for that as the phone to get in silent while you turn it face down. This sounds useful, isn’t it? Just try out with this App, you will get new ideas to automate your Android Device more than you ever thought before.

Cerberus is the Best Anti-Theft App out there

The most need for all the Smartphone users these days, is the Anti-theft protection. The best solution is to connect with Cerberus App, this App does it more than any other Apps on the market. The Cerberus does much more than tracking the stolen Device. You can control your entire Device with the website where you will be registering. You can send messages, sound alerts and alarms even in the silent mode. (Very useful when you miss out your phone in silent mode) You can erase all you data on the phone remotely or lock the Device using a code, record audio through device mic, get a list of sent and re-sieved calls and also can hide the Cerberus App from the Device so the thief will never now the security. There is no any other App to provide these kind of huge security settings.

FoxFi turns your Android Device into a Hotspot without your Carrier knowing

The FoxFi is a Hotspot App for your Android, which allows you to make your Android Device a Hotspot without paying additional amount on hotspot for your carrier plan. It just uses the data from carrier plan you use, we does not know how it does this. Anyway we guess it might be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask from the carrier.

Link Bubble Browser Could change how you browse the internet

Link Bubble Browser is an internet Browser fully focused on time saving and peaceful browsing. What the Link Bubble Browser does is, when you click on a link wherever to view, it loads in the back ground and creates a bubble on the screen instead of interrupting your current page. So you can view the link by tapping the bubble created on the screen anytime to view the specific link. This App extremely saves your time without roiling forward and back. When start browsing with Link Bubble, it would be very convenient for you.

HoverChat Lets You Message Without Stopping What You’re Doing

Has we all are bored with the usual SMS App, Hoverchat brings us a new breath with chatting and says goodbye to the default and old SMS App. The Hoverchat is integrated with innovative look, it means the App is compatible use when another App is running on the screen. You can continue your chats while using something else like watching movie and all. Also you can adjust the transparency of the App and there are various types of themes to choose with.

AirDroid Makes It Simple To Share Files Between Android And Your Computer

Now, when we look for a file sharing option, the AirDroid is the best solution for Android users, this sounds similar to the Airdrop on the Apple but means much more than Airdrop. The AirDroid is utilized with online storage and the file sharing system (the file sharing system does not use the data package or Wi-Fi). Also file transferring is extremely fast and easy with AirDroid.

Mighty Text Lets You Text From Your Computer Using Your Android Number

This App helps you get away from your Phone for some time without missing any of the text messages. Now you can avoid the tired of checking the phone every time your phone receives a Message. Well, Mighty text allows you to text now directly from your laptop or tablet. Mighty text uses your Phone number and loads all the chat history so, you need not have use the Phone again to see again what you said last. Enjoy the feel free Mighty Text App.

Light Flow Lets You Hack Into Your Smartphone’s LED For Custom Notifications

The light flow App allows you to take control of notifications on your device. Not only does it give you access, but it also allows you to do it entirely as yours own. This allows the colors to blink in seccessions, so if you have a new SMS and a missed call can alternate between the two colors. You can also set which type of notification has the highest priority and let it flash in one color. This is the extreme hack and customization.

Drupe Brings All The Ways You Can Contact Someone Into Your Phone Book

We have so many Apps that help us more or less to contact and keep in touch with everyone. They all have different goals, but never need to use more than one application to get in touch with them while using Drupe. This application gives you all the options you need to contact someone on a screen. Would you like to contact a friend? Mark or write someone? Simply drag the contact to the application you have chosen and get in touch. Drupe makes it simple. Elegant. Seamless. This is something you would have dreamed of….

 Cover Puts Your Favorite Apps On Your Lock screen

Are you tired of having to unlock your phone and scroll all Applications just to open the browser or music player? Well, here is the right part for you. Cover lets you put your favorite Applications directly on your lock screen. You can not only customize the application to your taste, but the cover also learns when and where you use different Applications and puts them on your lock screen for easy access. Incredible right?

Unclouded puts all your cloud storage in one place

As you all know, there are so many Cloud storage options in today’s cloud, I say too much if you ask me. This application, the Uncloud provides the best Cloud storage solution you need. This revolutionary Application allows you to explore, analyze, manage and clean your cloud storage and device. The supported services are Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and MEGA BOX. An application that brings together all the Cloud storage providers that lets you manage all. Sign up to make out with the UnCloud.

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