How to Use Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture Feature

Android Oreo finally incorporates a photograph in-picture, or PIP, mode for video applications. Applications ought to be revived to help the capacity, however the major changes are by and large essential. As of now, YouTube, VLC, and Chrome reinforce picture-in-picture, yet now that Oreo is taking off to devices, other noteworthy video applications shouldn’t be far behind.

Every application may use a barely remarkable methodology to open a PIP window. For example, Chrome anticipates that you will watch a video in fullscreen mode, while YouTube does it at whatever point any video is playing. VLC anticipates that you will tap the menu get in the midst of video playback and select the PIP decision. In any case, the controls once you invoke the floating window are the same.

Here’s the way by which to profit however much as could reasonably be expected from Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture incorporate. For our case we’ll use Chrome, as most video applications are likely going to work this same way.

1. Start watching any video in Chrome and press the catch to watch full screen. In various applications, as YouTube, you don’t have to see the video full screen, just start playing any video.

2. Tap the home catch to return to the home screen.

3. The video will play in a little window in the lower right. You can keep using your phone as ordinary.

4. Tap the little window to some degree develop it and show play controls. Tap the window yet again, and you reestablish the application that is playing it.

5. You can drag the PIP window around to some other point along the edges of the screen. If you release it some place in the inside, the window will snap to the closest significant zone.

6. To remove the window, essentially drag it off the base of the screen.

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