How To Update Your Android Smartphone Or Tablets|How To Turn Your Older Android Device as New Android Device.

How To Update Your Android Smartphone or Tablets

To be achieved better performances and new features on your Android Device you should be sure to run latest updates of Android Device software is needed always. You can turn to search for an upgrade on the settings of your Android Device. You should remember that meanings are newer updates you need now or later. This article is indented about how to upgrade on your Android Device correctly as well as perfectly.

Don’t go to upgrade your Android Device without  have known you  the details of the running Android Version on your Android Devices.Don’t worry ,you can find which version running on your device easily as bellow,

Under software information of the setting menu has sub section as Android Version such as Nougat 7,Marshmallow 6.x.,Lollipop 5.x,Kitkat 4.4.x..etc.

If your Device is running any os lower than jelly bean when manufacturer is not given further updates any longer.Then you should turn to upper version immediately ,while you can get new updates under new versin to achive the Modern Android World.

anyway ,you should get backup before the upgrade your Android Device.Generally upgrade will not affect the data,but there is not given any guarantee prevention of the data.So better way is getting backup before do anything which it is safest way of the world as well as universe.

Then you should navigate to setting menu on your Android Device.You can find it which has cog or spanner logo.

Now you should scroll down setting menu and you should click on “About Phone or About Tablet”.

Upgrading setting of the Android is varies device to device and version to version.Anyway you should follow the given instruction under setting well as upgrading process.

Menu is different device to device .Anyway you should click on “Software Update|Or similar Button  to proceed the further updates.

Don;t afraid this section can be seen so many details about the Version /software.You should select the correct version and take you suitable Updates clearly.

Your phone or tablet will now scan for an accessible refresh. In the event that you are taken to another menu, select the Software update check’ catch or comparable.

On the off chance that a refresh is accessible your gadget then you will be requested that whether you wish introduce it. On the off chance that you select yes then the framework will download and introduce the new programming and reboot.

You gadget may require a Wi-Fi association with look for a refresh. We likewise prescribe downloading the product over Wi-Fi in light of the fact that the document size can be vast.


To see when your device last got a security patch:
  • Open your device’s Settings app .
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap About phone or About tablet.
  • Under “Android security patch level,” see the date of your device’s latest security patch.

To Know Further Details…..Visit To Google

Why You Need Update Your Android Device(Phone Or Tablet) Up To Date?

Updating of Android Device is very important because your Android Device requires to refresh with the new technology up to date which it will be gained you a user friendly Android Environment easily.Otherwise it will be resulted a Fully flexible android experience with your device.

Other benefits of the Upgrading of Android Devices

1.Getting Update can be enhanced the Battery Life Of The Android Device.

Through modern investigations clever to find so many High powered Apps but they are not drained much energy from your battery.So such Apps help to prevent your battery life.

2.Getting updates can gain you lot of new features and awesome functionalities which are needed to deal with new Android Technology.

3.Getting Updates can increase your Device Performance.

So many Modern Well developed Apps Can perform your Android device properly.

4.Getting updates can increase speed of your Android Device.

Same way most Modern Apps have improved to better high speed.

5.Getting Update Can gain you perfect product through the new Apps.

6.Updating help to use your Older Android Device(Phone or Tablet) as Newer One.Think you have understood well what i am saying you?It mean that if you have most older smart device when you can root your android device.Then you have chance to change new Version such as Android Nougat and finally you can get newest update to run your android device as newer Android Devices without spend any coins.

6.Getting updates can improve the quality of the dealing with your Android Devices.

Think about previous same Apps which they haven’t so many features but newer Apps have so many features to done the work properly.

7.Getting updates can increase the Android Device’s stability.

8.Getting Updates increase the security of the Android Device.

9.Day to day developers find so many varies Technology/Apps which they can perform so  many varies types of activities. Think how has WhatApps  come to the Android world?It has came as simply Apps but now it has very improved Apps than previous.So you need to get update correctly then your device can deal easily with  such Apps.

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