How to safely Root HTC 10

How to safely Root HTC 10? HTC Company newly introduced HTC 10 which includes 2.15 GHz Quad core Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530. Further it has contains 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of onboard storage. The specification of HTC 10 includes some amazing features.

HTC 10 has 5.2 inch LCD5 display with Quad HD display. Latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow powered in HTC 10 with optimized Sense UI. 3000mAh battery power is included in the HTC 10 device.How to safely root HTC 10

The users are advice to root the HTC 10 with their own risk. Because it void the manufacturer warranty and if the device bricks there is no chance to claim the warranty. Lets see How to safely Root HTC 10.

Uses need to be attention to the below two points before starting the Rooting their HTC 10.

How to safely Root HTC 10 – Pre-Requirements.

  • Device has good battery power or it should be charged at least 60% or above.
  • Backup all the useful phone data. Because all the data is erased automatically after the rooting process completed.

Lets see this guide How to safely Root HTC 10, Step by step.

The steps of How to safely Root HTC 10

  1. First step is to unlock Boot loader using HTCdev.
  2. In the second step is enabling USB debugging Mode. User needs to go to phone Settings, next “About” and tap 7 times on Build Number to enable developer settings. After enable developer setting user needs to press back and go into “Developer Options” and enable “USB debugging”. It will display many options and user needs to accept any option that pop ups in user’s phone. And also turn on OEM Unlocking too.
  3. Next step is download and install Universal ADB drivers.
  4. Fourth step is downloading Android SDK tools and Install Android SDK in Desktop or any other place in the appropriate device using. Or Install ADB quick installer.
  5. Next step is downloading the latest version of SuperSU from the official website.
  6. In the sixth step user needs to download twrp-3.0.2-1-pme.img and user needs to rename the file to “twrp.img” and copy this file to “platform-tools” folder inside Android SDk folder.
  7. In the seventh step user needs to go to the place have installed Android SDK. Then open folder “platform-tools” and then press shift along with right click at any blank space inside the folder. In the seventh step finally user needs to click “open command window” and it will start command prompt with the default address pointing to Android SDK folder.
  8. Connect your device to the computer.
  9. In the ninth step of How to safely Root HTC 10, Open Command prompt as Administrator. Then type ‘adb devices’ and hit enter. Then you will have prompt in your device, select allow.
  10. Now your device will recognized by ADB. If you type adb devices, you will see your device is listed there.
  11. Now you have to turn on the download mode on your device. For that user needs to type adb reboot download in the command prompt. Hit Enter. Your Phone will reboot in to bootloader mode.
  12. After completely rebooted, Then Enter ‘fastboot devices’ command. Now you are in fastboot.
  13. Now you can Flash TWRP in to your deice. Type ‘fastboot flash recovery (space)[Drag and Drop your Downloaded TWRP img file]. Hit Enter.
  14. After flashing twrp, You need to reboot into bootloader mode. So type ‘fastboot reboot-bootloader’. Your device will restart into Bootloader mode.
  15. Now go to your device, and you can now go to ‘Boot to Recovery mode’ option by using volume down button. Then hit power button to enter.
  16. In TWRP, if it asking password hit cancel. Then Select Keep read only. Then you can make backups of your device. Back up your device data; select the entire file list without Data. Then you can backup your data in to sd-card.
  17. After completing backup you must need to go to bootloader mode again. To do it, On backup completed tab select back then reboot/bootloader.
  18. Now in bootloader go again to Recovery mode.
  19. Then Go Advanced/ ADB sideload here swipe to sideload ADB.
  20. Then go to your PC and in command prompt Enter ‘adb devices’. You will see your device with sideloaded mode.
  21. Now again type adb sideload (space)[drag the downloaded SuperSu Zip file into the command prompt.] then hit Enter.
  22. After this process finished tap the reboot button displaying in TWRP.

Now you have the root access. SuperSU is installed. Find it using root checker. It will take some time to boot after restarting the device. By complete the above steps the rooting process of the HTC 10 is complete successfully and user has chance to access the rooted HTC 10 device.

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