How To Run Android Apps & Games On Your PC Easily And Productively With BlueStacks

Do you know about BlueStacksBlueStacks is one of the best emulators(App Player) to help run your Android Apps and Games on your PC easily and productively. Here we will present complete guidelines as step by step to help you get Bluestacks rooted easily. This tutorial is suitable for all the versions of Bluestacks including Bluestacks 2018 and Bluestacks 2017.

Bluestacks is an awesome most popular Android emulator which helps you enjoy Games on your Windows or Mac computer. After installing the BlueStacks on your computer, You can play your favourite Android games on your Desktop or Laptop thus giving you bigger screen experience.

Bluestacks is compatible with most of the Android applications and it comes with its own Apps section from where you can download thousands of games. Furthermore, we have Google Play Store installed on BlueStacks App Player which gives access to Millions of apps.

Why should we Root BlueStacks?

The user can gain so many benefits of Rooting Blue Stacks and some of them are listed below.

  • Unlike any other virtual android phone which runs Android Apps on their Small screen, It allows you to run Android Apps on full Screen.
  • get an emulator to run almost all your android apps
  • Allows modifying the Game Score by editing its configuration file.
  • Allows modifying some of the features of the game.
  • Allows customizing Android OS installed on BlueStacks.
  • In Order to Root BlueStacks 2018, we need to have it installed on our Computer.

The article will explain 3 methods in this document here which will help you in getting BlueStacks 3/ Bluestacks 2 Rooted. There are

1.How to Root BlueStacks 3 with KingRoot App (One-Click Root Bluestacks)

2.How to Root BlueStacks 2018 or BlueStacks 2017 using BS Tweaker (BlueStacks Tweaker)

3.How to Root BlueStacks 3 2018 using BS Helper Tool

Now you can know about all methods to root BlueStcks easily to get huge Android experince with your PC as below,

1.How to Root BlueStacks 3 with KingRoot App (One-Click Root Bluestacks)

This method involves the use of KingRoot Application, a most popular one click root application.

1.Download and install BlueStack On your PC

2. Run BlueStacks App Player on your PC/ Mac.

3.Download KingRoot Apk on your computer.

4. Click on “Install APK” on BlueStacks from Home screen.

5. Browse and select the KingRoot Application to install it on BlueStacks.

6. Once installed, run the KingRoot App and click on “Begin” to start the Root process.

7. Once done, you will see a green checkmark.

8. Install Root Checker App from Play Store and verify Root permissions.

2.How to Root BlueStacks 2018 or BlueStacks 2017 using BS Tweaker (BlueStacks Tweaker)

BlueStacks Tweaker is an application which allows performing many modifications to the existing Bluestacks installation. We can Root BlueStacks, make it premium, remove promos, Disable Google Sign in, Remove Preinstalled shortcuts, disable window of purchase and many more. Let’s see how we can use BS Tweaker to Root BlueStacks 2/ Bluestacks 3.

1. Download BS Tweaker [source] zip package on your PC.

2. Extract it and run BS Tweaker.exe file as administrator.

3. Under the “Main” tab, click on “Force Kill BS“.

BS Tweaker 4 – Main Tab (Root BlueStacks 2018)

4. Once the BlueStacks and ADB indicators turn Red, go to the “Helpers” tab.

5. Click on “Unblock (multi)” near Root for BlueStacks.

BS Tweaker 4 – Helper Root Unblock (Root BlueStacks 3)

6. Go back to the “Main” tab and click on “Start BS“.

BS Tweaker 4 – Main Tab (Root BlueStacks 2018)

7. Once the BlueStacks is started, go to the “Helpers” tab and click on “Patch”.BS Tweaker 4 – Helper Root Patch (Root BlueStacks 2)

8. Download Root Checker App from Play Store and verify the Root Permissions.BluStacks 3 Rooted (Root BlueStacks3)

9. In BlueStacks click on “Install APK” and browse to “BS Tweaker folder -> Utils” and select SuperSU.apk.

10. Open SuperSU once it is installed and update the “SU binaries”.

3.How to Root BlueStacks 3 2018 using BS Helper Tool

BS Helper (BlueStacks Helper) Tool is another application which helps in Rooting BlueStacks easily without any hassle. In this method, we are going to use this tool to Root BlueStacks 2017 and BlueStacks 2018.

1. Download BS Helper Tool from here and extract it on your computer.

2. Run the BS Helper.exe file as administrator.

3. A window should open with a lot of options.

4. Click on “Patch for Superuser X” and wait for the process to complete.

5. When done, a success message is shown and an app called Superuser x will open in BlueStacks.

6. Install Root Checker and check Root Status.

BluStacks 3 Rooted (Root BlueStacks3)

7. Done! You have successfully rooted Bluestacks 3 App Player for Android on Windows.


Above methods help to be achieving Root Access on BlueStacks 2018 easily. Furthermore, don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

If you have any issues when don’t forget to inform in the comment section as below.

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