How to root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (TWRP)

Team Win Recovery Project 3.0.2-2 (3.0.2-1 for Korean variants)

This method can be applied for international SM-G935F/FD/X, Korean SM-G935K/L/S, SM-G935W8 Exynos Edge. Please do not use this procedure to flash your ordinary S7 and Qualcomm versions.How to root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (TWRP)


  1. Custom recovery installation and flashing will trigger the Knox warranty bit of your smart device. But some of the mobile manufacturers claim the warranty even you flash custom recovery on your smartphone. Please verify it with your mobile provider for further clarifications. Please proceed if you understand the risk. There is no need to worry about most of the Samsung devices, because Samsung device are really hard to brick and physical parts warranty of the device is exempted from flashing custom recoveries. So you will be able to claim on hardware failures if you are under the warranty period.
  2. Stock boot image of Galaxy S7 includes dm-verity that do not allow you to boot the device if you enable system notifications.
  3. Please read and understand steps below, follow up them carefully to make system modifications avoiding the risk of unwanted boot loops and complete flashing process.
  4. We are not responsible for any issues occur after rooting, do it at your own risk.
  5. Please make sure that you have made backups for your personal data including contacts messages and other files inside the internal storage, this will delete all the data of your device.
  6. Ensure that your device is properly charged and got a battery level at least 70% avoid unexpected shutting-down within the process.


TWRP-Team Win Recovery Project is customized recovery method that is developed for Android OS based devices. TWRP assists you to backup, restore your device data and install customized ROMs on your Android smart device. Further it will help you to recover your damaged file system and root your device.

Prerequisites to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using TWRP

  1. Windows based PC.
  2. Download the latest version of Odin flashing tool to your PC.
  3. Download and install USB drivers for your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on your PC.
  4. Download the TWRP for Galaxy S7 Edge.
  5. You may need to disable the dm-verity at fstab, please download dm-verity and force encryption disabler.
  6. Download SuperSu root for Galaxy S7 Edge to your device SD card.

Method to apply TWRP Recovery and Root your Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F/FD/X, Korean SM-G935K/L/S, SM-G935W8)

  1. Enable OEM unlock and USB debugging on your device via Settings->Developer Options. If you have not yet activated the developer menu, Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap seven times on the build number to activate developer options.
  2. Now copy the SuperSu anddm-verity and force encryption disabler files to your device internal storage.
  3. Extract the zip of Odin flashing tool on your PC and Run the Odin flashing tool.
  4. Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable and reboot the device in to download/odin mode.(Please make sure that you have installed USB drivers for S7 Edge on your PC, otherwise Odin will not detect your mobile)
  5. Please press and hold Home button + Volume Down button + Power Button on your S7 Edge to reboot in to download/odin mode.
  6. Once you reboot in to the download mode after selecting “Continue” using the Volume Up button, Odin will show the connected comport in blue color inside the ID:COM text box. This means that your device is identified by Odin.
  7. Odin will also display a text showing “Added” inside the message text box.
  8. If ID:COM does not appear, please check your USB cable or USB drivers.
  9. Now browse your PC through the Odin AP/PDA tab and locate the downloaded te\wrp-3.0.0-1-hero2lte.tar.md5odin
  10. Please enable “Auto reboot” and “F.reset Time” from the options menu. Keep other option disabled.Odin2
  11. Click the “Start” button to proceed the flashing process. Wait sometime until Odin shows the message “Pass” in green color. Installation of TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is successfully completed.Odin pass
  12. Now remove the USB connection and remove the battery of your device and replace the battery, reboot in to the recovery. (Press and Hold Home Button + Volume Up Button + Power Button for few seconds.)
  13. Once you entered the TWRP recovery menu, simply navigate to Install Zip and locate the dm-verity and force encryption disabler file on your device.
  14. Swipe the dedicated area to begin the flashing and reboot your device after flashing.
  15. Reboot your S7 Edge again in to the recovery.
  16. Now you are inside the TWRP recovery of Samsung galaxy S7 Edge. Prepare a Nandroid Backup and perform a factory reset on your device.
  17. Go to the TWRP main menu and navigate to install Zip and locate the file from your SD card to root your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  18. Swipe to install SuperSU and reboot your device after the installation.
  19. Cheers, Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung galaxy S7 Edge. Have fun…!

If you have any question regarding this process, please do not hesitate to comment below. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Have fun….!


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