How to root Huawei Nexus 6P

How to root Huawei Nexus 6PIntro:

Huawei Nexus 6P was released on 2015, September. It runs Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow) and powered with a Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57 (CPU). Graphical processing unit of 6P is Adreno 430 and chipset is configured as Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810.  12.3MP primary camera of this device will assist you with geo tagging, touch focus, face detection and high definition (HD) recordings to capture high quality life events even you are using when low light. Secondary camera is fixed with 8MP selfie cam. This device contain several sensors such as accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer and especially a finger print reader. This special finger print reader will confirm you an additional safety and security for your smart device. It will allow other people to access your device.

Android Nougat (N) has been released for this device and users have the ability to try it on Nexus 6P device. You will ask this question now, “Why should I root my Nexus 6P?” .Yep, you should do so to get the maximum benefit of your Huawei Nexus 6P. Half of the Nexus 6P features are hidden with the stock ROM. If you need to explore these hidden features and get the maximum use of them you should root your device and try several custom ROMs.

There was a rumor regarding the QFuse of Nexus 6P which has been implemented by Qualcomm to be blown when flashing the device. But, this thing is totally wrong. There is no such a thing and regular flashing procedure can be done with this device. Further, I would like to mention that if you need the stock ROM back you will be able to flash the stock bootloader again. Do not hesitate to root your device.

Root Huawei Nexus 6P


  • First of all you should configure a working and stable fastboot environment on your PC before Root Huawei Nexus 6P.
  • Please make sure that you have installed java SDK and it is up to date, because you will need the java software development environment to use the SDK manager.
  • adb/fastboot from other sources could lead in to various problems with flashing and setting up the root. Warning: Do not use other tools and apps for this method.
  • Download the recently updated version of SDK tools from this link:
  • Go to above link and click on the download options, then find SDK command line tools. Select tools only package without installer, you will see a .zip file. Download it and extract it to C:\SDK (Create a folder called SDK inside C:\).
  • Navigate to C:\SDK\android-sdk-windows and open SDK Manager.exe and install following.
  • Tools-[Android SDK tools and Android SDK platform-tools]
  • Extra-[Android Support Repository and Google Universal Serial Bus (USB) driver]

Once the installation is complete you will see new folders, open the folder named as platform-tools.  Here you will see two files called adb.exe and fastboot.exe. Consider this folder as your working directory during this guide. Open a command prompt inside the folder via (holding Shift Key + Right click and select “Open Command Window here” from the drop down menu)adb version

  • If the above process is properly done, enterfollowing command, (Code: adb version)
  • If the installation is successful it will return the Android Debug Bridge version.
  • You will be able to test adb.exe via entering code: adb devices (Note: Please connect your device to the PC using the USB cable and make sure that you have enable developer options and USB debugging on your Android device before you proceed.)adb devices
  • List of devices attached will show adb serial numbers of devices that are connected to your PC. If so adb is working successfully.
  • To test fastboot connect your device to the pc when the device is booted into the recovery mode. (Power off the device and Press and hold Power button + Volume Down button). Enter Code: fastboot deviceson the above command prompt. If fastboot is working properly it will return device serial number.

Simple Tips for Root Huawei Nexus 6P.

Boot your device into bootloader.

Shut down your device and then press Power button + Volume Down button or enter following command on the above command prompt. Code: adb reboot bootloader

Boot your device into recovery.

Power off the device, then Press and Holde Power button + Volume Up button or enter below command on the above command prompt. Code: adb reboot recovery (When you are in the recovery menu se volume buttons scroll up and down and Power button to make the selection.)

Unlock bootloader of Nexus 6P

So lets see how to Unlock your bootloader to Root Huawei Nexus 6P

  1. Navigate to your device settings menu and then select “About Phone”, Tap 7 times on the build number tab to activate “Developer Options”. Then you will be able to see a new tab called “Developer Options” in the settings menu. Go to developer options and enable “USB debugging” and “Enable OEM Unlock” check boxes.
  2. Shut down your device and boot into bootloader mode. (Press and hold Power button + Volume Down button of your device).
  3. Using the USB, connect the device into the PC.
  4. Go to the folder that you have configured fastboot and adb at the above on your PC.(C:\SDK\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools and open a command from the folder via holding Shift + Click Right mouse button and select “Open Command Window here” from the drop down menu)
  5. Check fastboot connectivity through-Code: fastboot devices
  6. If the connection is correct enter below command. This will erase all the data on your device. Code: fastboot flashing unlock
  7. You will be asked for the confirmation to proceed the unlocking process, confirm the request pop up on your phone screen. (Use Volume buttons to scroll and Power button to select)
  8. Wait sometime to finish the process and enter below code. Code: fast reboot

Note: Each time after unlocking your device, it will pop up a warning at each boot up saying that “You device software can’t be checked for corruption, please lock the bootloader”. Don’t worry about this and do not lock the bootloader until you are going back to stock ROM and stock Recover, Otherwise you will have an expensive paper weight.)

Install a custom recovery.

  1. Please download the latest version of TWRP Recovery. Link :
  2. If you are hoping to install Android Nougat, please download the modified boot.img from here. Link:
  3. Check the md5 for integrity.
  4. Copy boot.img tofastboot folder. (above working folder where the fastboot.exe is)
  5. Boot your device into bootloader and connect it to the PC.
  6. Run command prompt from the folder and enter command. Code: fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img(The recover filename may change depending on your flashing boot.img)
  7. After flashing use volume buttons on device to scroll the menu and power button to select Reboot bootloader tab. Then you can remove the USB connection after the device is booted back.

Note: While the TWRP boot up it will ask you for permission to “System modifications”. Select allow.

There is a version of TWRP flash that comes with SuperSU, do not flash this configuration. It may cause compatibility issues and several other problems. Now you can Root Huawei Nexus 6P using SuperSU.

How to Root Huawei Nexus 6P

  1. Please download latest SuperSU that is compatible to your phone. Link:
  2. Copy the SuperSU root package to your device internal memory.
  3. Boot your device in to TWRP recovery and enter the installation wizard. Note: TWRP 3.0.0-1 or above have to be used for if you are having MHC19L or a higher one.
  4. Locate the SuperSU root package on your device and begin the installation.
  5. When you are finished, you will be asked to wipe the cache/dalvik-select wipe and go back- then hit the reboot system tab.

Cheers, you have successfully “root Huawei Nexus 6P”. Have Fun….!

Note: I’m not responsible for any issue or if you brick your mobile, do this at your own risk.

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