How to Root HTC U12 Plus without TWRP

The HTC U12+ released a few weeks ago which it is the latest HTC device in a while. It doesn’t move us a new remarkable feature that brings us awesome feelings easily. However, it is the extent of previous features that make the HTC U12+ exciting. HTC U12+ is probably the first  Android Smartphone with no buttons. Furthermore, no official TWRP recovery for the phone yet, but you can root it easily without TWRP.

HTC U12 does not exist physical headphone jack as previous Android Smartphones. Other features are awesome and gain us a huge Android experience easily. There are A Snapdragon 845 SoC paired with 6GB of RAM, 6-inch Quad HD+ (2880×1440) 18:9 display, dual cameras, Bluetooth 5.0, etc. Furthermore, HTC U12 includes two storage options of 64GB and 128GB.

This method is based on Freak 7 founded stagy, you can root the HTC U12+ without TWRP. From that, you can achieve root access on a device without TWRP recovery.Read More-What is TWRP?

You just require to patch the Kernal of HTC U12 which Magisk Manager help you easily.Furthermore,you can use magisk module to make huge Android device easily and safely.Read More-The Best Magisk Module For Android

Special Facts About Android Rooting

Once you have rooting HTCU12+ will cancel the warranty. It can be finished bricking your device also. So should get risk own and do everything taking own risk.


Check whether the Bootloader on HTC U12+ is unlocked. Then sign in to HTCdev website with your HTC ID. Select bootloader unlocks page. Go to drop down menu on the right and select all supported models. Click the bootloader to begin unlock. Follow the instructions seen in the screen or follow unlock guide of HTC one M8. This procedure is the same for all HTC devices release after 2011.

If you heard about ADB, you can installed it on PC. For that, you can refer about installing for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read More-How To Unlock Any Android Device Easily and Safely

Rooting Procedure


1. Unlocked bootloader
2. USB-Debugging in developer options enabled
3.Latest adb and fastboot binaries
4.Working adb and fastboot environment

How to Root

1. Initially, you need to install the latest Magisk Manger on your HTC device. You can get the latest release from here.

Read More-Everything you need to know about MagiskSoftware

2. Thereafter you have to download the img file according to the firmware running on your mobile. You can check for the same from here.

3. Generally, the naming convention will be img. After you have downloaded the boot.img file you need to copy the same to your HTC U12+ device.

4. Once this is done; launch Magisk Manager Application on your HTC U12 and click on ‘Install’ twice. Then,you need to select the option of patch boot.img file and a browse window will get opened.

5. Via this Browse window please select the img file which you transferred to your mobile device and wait for it to get patched.

6. After you have done the above steps, you should connect your device to the PC with USB Debugging turned on.

7. Please navigate to the folder where you have ADB & Fastboot binaries installed and right click anywhere. From the pop-up menu select the option of Open Command Window Here

8. Next, you require bringing the patches to this Fastboot folder by keying in the following command:

adb devices

into the terminal which should return your serial number
9. Pull the patches boot.img to your fastboot folder via:

adb pull /sdcard/MagiskManager/patched_boot.img

10. Reboot to download mode:

adb reboot download

11. Check your active slot while in the bootloader mode with

fastboot getvar current-slot

output of this command will show your active slot
12. Depending on the active slot do
For active slot a do:

fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img

For active slot b do:

fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img

13. If the flash was successful do:

fastboot reboot

14. Congratulations you´re now rooted.
15. You will see a message stating there is an internal problem. That is nothing to worry about and will be resolved on a later stage.


1. Once you have rooted your HTC U12, the option to enable face unlock from HTC will be grayed out.
How to fix:
a.You need to open Magisk Manager
b.Then,you should open the side menu and tap on magisk hide
c.Now,you need to tick faceunlock to be hidden

Thanks so much.If you have any problem about this method,you can note it on the comment section.

Source:XDA Forum

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