How to Root HTC U11:Unlock bootloader,install TWRP recovery and Root with Magisk/ Magisk

How to Root HTC U11:Unlock bootloader,install TWRP recovery and Root with Magisk Magisk

The HTC U11 was launched in June 2017. The HTC U11 is featured with 5.5 inch Super LCD5 capacitive touchscreen and powered with a Snapdragon 835 2.45 GHz Octa Core processor and comes with 4GB of RAM and as well you have 64GB storage option which is expendable up to 256GB with a dedicated Micro SD slot. Also the HTC U11 is packed in with Android 7.1 (Nougat). Also the battery is great with a 3000mAh battery capacity.

Root HTC U11 Safely and Easily

Anyway finally you have decided to root your HTC 11 to make complete Android Experience forever.This method is Wonderful ,easy and safe method Bootloader Unlock on the HTC U11,then install TWRP and finally you should use Magisk to flash and manage your HTC U11 easily and safely.

It’s not that too long the HTC U11 has been released, but still the Teamwin have already build an official built of TWRP Recovery for the HTC U11. This now we can have Root access on the HTC U11. As usual, first of all you will have to unlock the Bootloader on your HTC U11 in order to install TWRP Recovery. Thankfully, the HTC itself have provided an official setup for the users to unlock the Bootloader, and it supports HTC U11.

Like all the other Android Devices, when the Bootloader is unlocked on the HTC U11, installing a Custom Recovery is no more a big deal. Once the TWRP Recovery is installed, Root access can be simply achieved by just flashing the SuperSu zip or the Magisk installer zip (Magisk installer also lets you hide the Root access when you want, to use such things as Android Pay App an all).

1.Unlock Bootloader on HTC U11

Before you begin this procedures, make sure your HTC U11 has at least 50% of battery power.

  • First of all Install the HTC Drivers
  • Now install ADB and fastboot drivers, these things make sure that your HTC U11 recognizes fastboot command.
  • Now to begin, first thing is first, you have to register and create an account on the HTCdev (
  • When the account is created, you will have to confirm it by vising your email account and click the verification link.
    (if you didn’t get the mail check the spam folder)
  • Now go to the Link here ( and login with your developer account.
  • Now just Click the Unlock Bootloader and tap Get Started to begin unlocking
  • Now disconnect your HTC U11 from the PC and reboot it into Bootloader Mode.
    (turn off your HTC U11 and hold Power and Volume down keys at the same time for few seconds to power on with Bootloader Mode)
  • Now on the Computer, create a new folder and name it “unlock-bl” and keep it open
  • Open command window in the created folder
    (right click on empty space on the folder while holding the Shift, and click Open command window here)
  • Now connect your HTC U11 into the PC, while the HTC U11 is with Bootloader Mode. (As I mention before)
  • Now in the PC command window, type in the below command and run it.
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Here you will obtain a long text of token. You have get the text copied from here.
    (copy the text starting from Idintifier Token Start to Idintifier Token End)
  • Now go to the LINK here. (
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and past the text token copied, where it says My Device Identifier Token and click submit.
    (you must directly copy and paste the text token from command prompt to the web page)
  • If you have followed the instructions correctly, HTC U11 will obtain your token code and, they will send you an email, which contains the Unlock_code.bin for your HTC U11.
  • Now download the Unlock_code.bin and take it to the unlock-bl folder
  • Close the previous open command window and now open from the unlock-bl folder.
  • Run the bellow command
    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • Now look at your HTC U11, a screen will appear on asking to confirm Bootloader unlock. Highlight yes using the volume up button and select it using the Power button
  • Your HTC U11 will now reboot and now the Bootloader is unlocked for your needs.
  • Wait until your HTC U11 fully reboot and unplug it from the PC


 2.Install TWRP Recovery on HTC U11

To make root access,you should download suitable version of TWRP which it differ zone to zone.So you should download correct version which it should support to your Android Model.Currently TWRP has released only for America and Euope zone’s TWRP.You can download it given links as bellow,

  • Download the TWRP Recovery files.
    1.Download HTC U11 TWRP 3.1.1-0 (Americas)
    2.Download HTC U11 TWRP 3.1.1-0 (Europe)
  • Save the TWRP Recovery .img file to a separate folder on your PC.
  • Now setup ADB and Fastboot on your Computer.
  • Enable USB Debugging on the HTC U11.
  • Now open the folder, that where you saved the TWRP Recovery .img file.
  • Now open command window in the specific folder.
  • Connect the HTC U11 into the PC.
  • Now type in the below command in the command prompt to boot your HTC U11 in to Fastboot Mode.
    adb reboot Bootloader.
  • If it shows permission dialog on your HTC U11 saying “Allow USB debugging”, just click OK.
  • Once your HTC U11 boots into Bootloader Mode, provide the following command to the command prompt to flash the TWRP Recovery .img file.
  • (make sure that you modify twrp.img with the name of your TWRP Recover file OR chang the TWRP Recovery file to twrp.img and use the command below)
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Once the TWRP is successfully flashed into your HTC U11, provide the last command bellow to reboot the Device.
    fastboot reboot

That’s all, you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on your HTC U11. Now to boot into freshly installed recovery, just provide the adb reboot recovery command from PC, when your HTC U11 boots into the system.


Now you can Root your HTC U11 safely and easily.


How to Root HTC U11

  • Download both the Magisk zip and magisk Manager apk files and move it to your HTC U11.Magisk  have two Software,Fist one help to root your android device and 2nd one help to mange your rooted android device easily.You can download and can further works using both tools of Magisk .
    1.Download Magisk Magisk-v12.0_3 (.zip)
    2.Download Magisk Manager v4.3.3 (.apk)
  • Now Boot your HTC U11 into TWRP Recovery
  • Click on Install and select the Magisk zip file
  • After selecting the file, do swipe to confirm Flash in the bottom of the screen to start flashing the Device
  • Once the Magisk is flashed into the Device, it will ask you for a Reboot.
  • After the Reboot, open the file manager and install the Magisk Manager apk file on the Device
  • Now open the Magisk Manager App and check for the Root status of your HTC U11.
  • Done, now the Root access is made for your HTC U11.


That’s all everything is done. If you have any issues to talk about, let us know it through the comment section below.

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