How To Root Easily Samsung Galaxy S9

How To Root easily Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best Flagship Android Smart Phone now your hands. It brings so many best can know them using Samsung Galaxy S9 Review. However, I have studied some pros and cons as below simply,

The S8 was really great, but the S9 is only fine,

Pros (+)

  • Swift biometric security
  • Awesome performance on low-light
  • The most powerful Android phone out

Cons (-)

  • The design is almost identical to the Galaxy S8
  • Some camera snaps lack vibrancy
  • Very expensive

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is an amazing Android phone that we know it but after one year, it will be also older. However, The Galaxy S8 is a great device, that promises that it brings the best hardware so you can use it easily longtime. So you need to root your device when you can move easily to the next Android generation safely. if you are delayed to root when you can use it during warranty period best but after warranty period (after one year), you can’t root it easily or couldn’t find rooting method easily if you have gotten so many updates. Otherwise, after one year, so many Android devices will move to the market while you can’t find rooting method or other best root apps for your android device easily. So, all Samsung Galaxy S9 users should understand and move to root process early before start use and get updates for the Android Device.

Top Best Advantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S8

1.Full Control For Your Android Device

2. Get All Backup Easily

3.Best Custom ROMs

4.OverClocking And under Clocking

5.Big Scope For Apps

6.Customized Themes & Appearance

7.Automate Your Android Device

8.Block Ads in Apps.

9. Get the Complete ownership of your Android Device

10. Get Latest Android Version and updates easily.

11. Expand Battery Life easily.

12. Remove the Bloatware on your Android Device.

13.Dress to impress

14.Increase performance of Android Device

15. You can get Android Experience With your Android Device.

16.Speed up of your Android Device

This article explains that  How To Root easily Samsung Galaxy S9. If you need to know some Android and Android Rooting basic when you can follow this link here. Okay, you can root your Samsung Galaxy S8 Now.

Guidelines For How To Root easily Samsung Galaxy S9

1. First, you should enable Developer Option (settings – about phone – Software information – Tap 7 times on build number to activate developer option in the settings menu)
2. Now, you need to enable OEM Unlock from developer option (Currently no workaround for those who doesn’t have this option)
3. Okay, after above steps, you need to download TWRP for S9 or S9+
4. Then, you should switch Off Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+
5. Once you have switched off the Device, you need to press Vol down + Bixby + Power to reboot to download mode, press volume up when asked to continue to download mode
6. Next special case in this process is you need to download Odin and open it, Disable ‘Auto reboot’ from options menu of Odin
7. Wow,Now,you need select TWRP (tar image) with AP tab of Odin and Start
8. Once you have Successfully flashed , you will see ‘Passed’ in Odin tab
9. Now,you should disconnect device and hold Vol down + power till screen goes off, Now immediately press Vol Up + Bixby + Power to reboot to TWRP
10.Then,you need to select to allow modification
11. From TWRP, Select WIPE menu – Then FORMAT DATA – You need to type ‘yes’ to perform the wipe. WARNING: This will erase all data including Int SD storage from the device
12. Once format device completes, go back and select REBOOT’ Menu and then – ‘RECOVERY’, This will reboot to TWRP again
13.Flash no-verity-opt-encrypt-Samsung-1.0 and then Magisk
14. Once flash successfully finish, Reboot to System
Open settings – Developer option – Look for OEM Unlock option. If it is there, it is safe to reboot the device.

15.Now,you can check Root status using Root Checker Tool easily.Now,you achieved to your goal so you can make huge Android Experience with your Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Device.

The tutorial of How To Root easily Samsung Galaxy S9 is enough. Furthermore, you can watch similar video to improve your Knowledge and correct your dougbt  about Rooting.I have found Some Best Video For Rooting of Samsung Galaxy S9.You can watch and move to a productive path to make huge android experince easily and safely.

Enjoy! You have your Galaxy S9 or S9+ rooted.

Some developers say  KingoRoot helps root your Samsung Galaxy S9 easily.If you would like  root your Samsung Galaxy S9 with KingRoot when you can proceed using this link here,it will provide all details and KingoRoot PC version you needed to root your device.

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