How to Root Any Smartphones of Samsung galaxy S10

How to Root Any Smartphones of Samsung Galaxy S10

The Company of Samsung Galaxy annually releases new versions. In this year Samsung released their latest  Samsung galaxy S10 Smart Phones which they are fours Smartphones. We know that more best features and options can be added through the Android Rooting to your Android Device. So, any Samsung S10 owners can feel desired features with android rooting.  Before getting started to root your Smart device, we have to mention some points to you. If you never root a device before, it means that this is the first attempt to try an android device, In our opinion is don’t try to root your S10 device because this device is the latest arrival from Samsung. And it still includes so may best features. But if you new to root device here has a big chance to fail to root your device properly because rooting is a new experience for you. Somehow, if you fail to root your phone when it may turn to brick. Eventually, if you new to rooting, do not try to root your device because it still fare the warranty and it’s the latest arrival from Samsung.  So that’s it lets see how to root your device respectively. Anyway, if you are advanced users and need to get experience about many new and huge features over the stock firmware when you can really root your android using by given instruction as below.

This method we use the Magisk Tool/Magisk Software for root your Samsung Galaxy S10 Smart Phones.

Before installing the Magisk, you must follow given instructions as below,

  • installing Magisk WILL trip KNOX
  • Installing Magisk for the first time REQUIRES a full data wipe, backup before continue
  •  Bootloader should be unlocked before following the instructions
  • Magisk has to be installed to the recovery partition of your device, which is very different from what you used to know about rooting in general

Unlock the Bootloader

To unlock Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e bootloader

  • First, you need to enable the OEM option in your device. (settings >developer options > OEM)
  • Power off your device. Press Bixby + Volume Down and plug in your device to a PC to boot into download mode
  • Long press volume up to unlock the bootloader. This will wipe your data and automatically reboot.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S10 is unlocked the boot loader. But hold on a second, Samsung introduced VaultKeeper to the latest productions, meaning the Bootloader will reject any unofficial partitions before VaultKeeper explicitly allows it.

  • Go back to the initial setup. All the setup since data will be wiped again when we are installing Magisk.
  • You should connect the device to the internet in the setup.
  • Again, you should enable the OEM option. The VaultKeeper service will release the bootloader after it confirms that the user has the OEM unlocking option enabled. This step is to simply make sure the service gets the correct info, and also double check that your device has become into the correct state.
  • Your Samsung galaxy S10 bootloader now accepts unofficial images in download mode

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Magisk in recovery For  Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e

This part is confusing, after installing Magisk to the recovery partition, when you choose to boot to recovery, by default it will boot to the system with Magisk enabled.

And another thing need to tell you, to boot to a system with Magisk, you will have to boot to recovery every time. Because both Magisk and recovery live in the same partition, what you end up when booting into recovery will be determined by how long you press volume up.

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So in the above little paragraph helps to your witch option will you choose. Here is the case, after installing Magisk to the recovery partition, when you choose to boot to recovery, by default it will boot to the system with Magisk enabled. If you want to actually boot to recovery and not Magisk, continue holding the volume up button until you see the recovery screen. This might sound confusing but please keep following along.

After you will be unlocked the bootloader you able to see a splash screen like a massage from the android system.

So after that, you can decide to witch path your phone will power up using power button, Bixby button and volume up button combination. Here are the three options, either it be system, recovery or download.

Button combinations is here,

  • (Powering up normally) → (System with no Magisk)
  • (Power + Bixby + Volume Up) → (Bootloader warning) → (Release all buttons) → (System with Magisk)
  • (Power + Bixby + Volume Up) → (Bootloader warning) → (Keep holding volume up) → (Actual recovery)


  • Download the firmware for your device
  • Unzip the firmware and copy the AP tar file to your device.It is normally named as AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5
  • Install Magisk Manager
  • Select the AP tar file. Magisk Manager will patch the whole firmware file and store the output to [Internal Storage]/Download/magisk_patched.tar
  • Copy the tar file to your PC, and boot your Samsung device to download mode.
  • Download Odin,install and open it.
  • Flash magisk_patched.tar as AP in ODIN
  • Magisk is now successfully flashed to your device. But there have few before you can properly use the device.
  • Now want to boot into the stock recovery to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

In the recovery, you need to  Select Wipe data/factory reset to wipe the data of the device.

Select Reboot system now, and immediately press Power + Bixby + Volume Up. Release all buttons, after seeing the bootloader warning screen.

You should perform the initial device setup and you will see Magisk Manager in your app drawer.

If you don’t see magisk manager, perform1.Install Magisk Manager from the Canary Channel and In Magisk Manager again.

Now, you can open Magisk Manager and let it do its job.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e. Enjoy!

Press Power + Volume Down to exit download mode. And also your screen turns off then immediately presses Power + Bixby + Volume Up to boot to the recovery partition.

Rooting of Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e  will gain you many advantages. In this article, we have brought you all the details you need to know root your android smartphones properly without any doubt. Furthermore, to get more details, you should follow the XDA Forum  by using this link

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