How To Root Any LG Device With KingoRoot

The KingoRoot offers you the best One Click rooting for the LG devices. The KingoRoot is safe and efficient to make root access on your LG devices.


Rooting your LG device will definitely void the manufacturer warranty. So keep in mind the rooting procedure has to be done on your own risk. Think twice before you proceed.

Pre Requirements

How To Root Any LG Device With KingoRoot Apk Version

  1. Download and install KingoRoot into your LG Device
  2. You should have enabled Unknown Sources in your LG device to install KingoRoot
    (Go to Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources here)
  3. Once the KingoRoot is successfully installed on your LG Device, just launch it
  4. Then click the One Click Root button to start Rooting your LG device
  5. Now wait for the result
  6. Once done the KingoRoot will show you the result success or failed
  7. If the KingoRoot procedure fails to root, try it few times
    (The KingoRoot runs different script each time try rooting the device)

If this process still fails after trying it many times, you can try rooting with the KingoRoot PC version.

How To Root Any LG Device With KingoRoot PC Version

Even if your LG device couldn’t be rooted with the KingoRoot apk, don’t worry the KingoRoot PC version will definitely do the job done for you.

  1. Download and install the KingoRoot PC version into your PC
  2. Once the KingoRoot is successfully installed on your PC, launch KingoRoot and connect your LG Device into the PC using the USB cable
    (The original USB cable is recommended)
  3. You should have enabled USB Debugging mode on your LG Device
    (Go to Settings > About Device > tap on the Build Number for 7 times in order to enable Developer Options)
    (Then go to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging Mode here)
  4. When the device is connected to the PC, the KingoRoot will detect your LG Device
  5. Then just click the Root button to start the process
  6. Now wait for the process to take its time
  7. Once it is done, the final result will be shown by KingoRoot
  8. That’s it, now you would have successfully rooted your LG device

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