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What Is Kingoroot & Their Varies Versions

Kingoroot is awesome Rooting Software forward for almost all Android users who they have poor knowledge about Android as well as Computer.This Apps is user friendly rooting tool among the varies type of one-click rooting tools.Anyway we are known about this rooting tool as universal app.It means that Kingoroot are supported to so many android devices easily.

KingoRoot Team is always recommended you that you will try first root your android device through the Kingoroot.apk android.It is most convenient way  why it is most easiest way and their not needed  any other external devices such as personal computer or USB cables as well as some software such as USB Drivers.

If you need to know about Kingoroot.apk version when you can follow the previous article about how to root your  android phone using by Kingoroot.apk.

Otherwise, if Kingoroot.apk are not supported for your android device when you can use  PC version. Kingoroot PC version is most exploit ,well developed Rooting Software in the android market.So i am very sure  if any android devices couldn”t to root with other rooting tools when you can root definitely   with Kingoroot PC version surely.Additionally Tool can download as totally free.

How To Root Android With KingoRoot(PC version)

You should require to provide as below everything correctly before start the anything.

Initial Preparation

  • Your Device should be powered on
  • Your Device’s battery level should be more than 50%
  • Your Device is needed a stable internet connection.

Start Rooting…..

You should connect to the internet & download Kingoroot PC version. Kingoroot is given you awesome free apps and they provide their updates continuously to forward you.Otherwise Kingoroot Rooting tools is easy to handling as well as user friendly weapon to your android device just giving an one-click really.

You should double click on the  desktop icon of the kingoroot and then will launch it quickly.After launced the Kingoroot while you can see it interface.Now you should plug your android device using real/original USB cable to the computer,then Kingoroot PC version will install automatically furthermore.

Anyway,if your device is not installed device drivers currently when Kingoroot will be installed them automatically.You don’t need do more ,you you need to concern about the stable internet connection.

Additionally,your are used windows-8 operating system to your computer,when you need to change some settings before rooting start. why If your computer is running windows 8 when it will create some issues that you may most encounter is driver installation looping.At that moment you can solve that issues using as described below.

Don,t Forget/you should remember specially this methord only for the windows-s version.It will help you to solve driver installation looping on window-8.

First you should get PC setting ,then  search  and open charm bar,then you should click on the setting.You can press window+Key to open settings charm.

Finally ,you should click  as change PC setting ” at the lower right corner of the window.Then you can find general tab.There can be seen as Advanced setup,finally you should press restart button furthermore.

After This process your driver installation looping issues has completely solved.

Now you can enable the debugging mode on your android device.USB DebuggingMod Is needed to make root access to your android device.If you haven’t any knowledge about the USB debugging Mod When you can gain knowledge about it reading by my previous article from this web-site.

USB debugging mod also differ Android version by Version so you can follow the given guide-line as below  for the debugging mode,

For Android Version 2.0-2.3.x

Setting<Applications<Developments<USB Debugging Mod

For Android Version 3.0-4.1.x

Setting<Applications<Developer options<USB Debugging Mode

For Android Version 4.2.x and higher

Android Version which included in above range has hidden option about the Debugging Mode.You can change to the Debugging Mode As below,

First you should click on the menu button to enter inoto Apps Drawer.

Then you should go to the “Setting ”

Next step is you should scroll down to the button and tap the “About Phone” or “About Tablet”

After Tapped the ‘About Phone/About Tablets” then you should locate to the ‘Build Number” field

Now you should tap build Number field seven times to enable the developer options.

Finally you should tap few times then you will see a countdown as you are now 3 steps away from being a developer.

Anyway,”you are now a developer” message will be seen finally.

You should back down again and then you can see the developer optins under system of your phone’s settings screen.

Now you can change the USB enable Mode,Finally ,you should go to settings as below,

Developer Options<USB Debugging Mode<CheckBox

After taped the Checkbox,you can go to rooting process again.

For 5.0 lollipop

It is also equal to the enable of DebuggingMode of Android 4.2.x and higher versions.

Settings <About Phone<Build Number <Tap 7 Times achieve developer.

Otherwise rooting is not a bigger or ghost which it techonical process to acess to your Android device as an administrator as well as developer.After rooting you can change your Android device as your own wish.

Now again we  can start the rooting…..

Click “ROOT” to root your device….

Now you can click on the ‘Root” option to start the Rooting for your Android device.

Kingorot will provide multiple exploits to your Android device which this process requires few minutes.When rooting your android device,your Android device will be rebooting several times.Don’t afraid it which it nature of the Kingoroot Rooting Process.It is completely normal condition of the Kingoroot both versions.

  • But you should behave as our given guide-line below during the rooting process.
  • Don’t touch your Any device such as Android device or Computer or Laptop during the rooting.
  • Don’t disconnect the internet which rooting process need stable internet connection during the rooting.
  • Don’t unplug the both device each other.
  • Rooting requires few minute to complete process so be patient during the rooting.
  • Finally,after rooting,it will be rebooting again.Otherwise don’t operate it until finished final rebooting.
  • After Rooting ,it will be shown as Root Succeed

You should only require to concern  about stable internet connection,Additionally don’t touch any internal parts or don’t change setting on the phone during the rooting furthermore.

After above everything will be gained a fully controllable android device then you are an administrator of your device.You can work with your Android device as your wish.

We are recommended to check root status using by root checker as well as you can find superuser App and install it to your rooted android device.



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