How To Root Android Devices To Take Full Control Of Your Android Life.

 Introduction Of  Wondershare Root Tool

  • Android rooting is an only way to gain the privilege of totally control Android operating system.
  • After your taken root access, your Android device can productively uninstall preinstalled system.
  • files lead to run fast as well as can upgrade your device to the latest Android versions.
  • The aim of this documentation is forwarding the details about Android rooting with the TunesGo software and Wondershare Genius Root Tool.
  • Support for Android 2.1 and up (Android 8.0 included).Pro Version includes so many Features than Free version.
  • The wonshare rooting software is totally free for almost all android users. 

Important facts should know before the Rooting Android device

  • You should keep a full back up before the rooting. Why will you take so many useless potentials about the data losses?
  • Android device users should remember this fact, anyone can’t say how many times need to complete the rooting process so your Android device needs better battery backup during the rooting.
  • You find suitable root tools such as wondershare TunesGo or Wondershare Genius. You should understand every Rooting tools are not compatible with all Android devices. But wondershare is compatible for all most all devices. Some rooting tool is compatible with some Android devices.
  • Android rooting tutorial will help you to find which rooting tool is compatible with the selected Android device.
  • Read good tutorial well again and again and watch several videos before the rooting. It will be improved your knowledge to achieve your requirement easily.
  • You should study about unrooting. Sometimes your Asndroid devices will be not rooted completely it may be selected rooting tool not suitable for your android device or your device has not good battery backup or on other technical error.

 Wondershare Tunego Root/Wondershare genius Root

1.How to Root Android device using Tunesgo Root Tool through the computer


Among the various type of rooting tools, TunesGo Rooting tool is best than other software because it is very simple and safe. Tunesgo root is compatible about more than 3000 android can root any android version about  Up to 2.2 more Android devices.



  1. First, you should download Tunesgo on your computer.
  1. Secondly, you should run Tunego on your computer.
  1. Turn your Android device into debugging mode.
  1. Then you should connect your Android devices to your computer using USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  1. After connecting both devices, your computer and device recognize together. you can watch it on the window of both devices.
  1. Then click on the root icon to start rooting. Your android device.



2.How to Root Android devices using Root genius

  1. Root genius is also rooting tool besides the wonder share tunesgo. It is powerful and easiest than all rooting tools. It is free software and downloads via official web-Site.
  2. Further more you are not needed to install it. Only you should run to root your device giving one click. After rooting your Android device, you can flash a custom Rom and remove built in apps to make free memory space.

  1. Download the root Genius to PC.
  2. The first step is you should connect phone and computer together using the USB cable.
  3. Root Geniusis can recognize your Android device automatically.
  4. If you have failed to connect. Then you should ensure that your Android devices have debugging mode.
  5. After ensuring you both devices will be connected.
  6. Root icon will appear. Then you can click to proceed to root proceed to completion.
  7. Important,
  8. Don’t disconnect the Android device and computer still finish the root.


Advantages and Disadvantages of  Wondershare TuneGo Root/Wondershare genius software


  1. Softwares are compatible for almost all android device of up to 2.1 Android versions. software haven’t any risk and 100% surely.
  2. Both versions can download through the official website as free versions.
  3. Both Android Wondershare rooting tool can enhance and improve the performance and speed of the Android operating system
  4. You can be done easily post rooting management of your Android devices easily. It means that they provide updates and other needed software for your android device continuously and free of charges.
  5. Both Rooting Applications are user-friendly so you don’t need big computer knowledge or skills to root your android works with one-click.


  1. Wondershare Rooting tools are not facilitated to be done unroot.



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