How to Replace Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana On Android?

How to Replace Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana On Android?

The Microsoft initially announced their plans on integrating Cortana and Alexa last year. In the Build 2018, the Microsoft announced and showed more updates on Cortana running on Alexa and vice versa. But, what is all about the Google Assistant? Almost all of the Android phones are coming packed with Google’s AI-powered assistant in them, but if you ever wanted to have any other smart assistants on your Android device, now you have the possibilities to do it so.

If you are using an Android smartphone, now you have good chance to simply make benefits like having a computer with you. As all the Smart devices are in rising, the Alexa assistant is also in a hugely popular range. As this assistant help you benefit in many different ways, some of you might be thinking to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana. All these are varying in capabilities, and that really makes sense have to try one of another assistant on them all.

But, before explaining to you how to install and use Alexa/Cortana on your Android device, one thing to clearly mention is, you cannot wake up Alexa or Cortana using their wake words directly to the Android device. Anyway, you can ask Google Assistant’s wake command to wake Google Assistant and then command it to open other assistants.

How to Use Alexa on Android to replace Google Assistant?

  1. Install Alexa or Cortana on your Android device, you can download it from Google Play Store
  2. Then, open the Apps & notifications in the Settings app in order to change the Assist App that is being used in your Android smartphone.
  3. Now, simply navigate to the Assist App Setting
    (Apps > Assist & voice input and just tap on Assist App)
  4. Here, you will be shown different options to select according to what you have preferred. Now you can make the selection whether it is to be Alexa or Cortana.
  5. Once you have set it ready, you can simply long press the home button to use the new assistant of you.
  6. Also, you have the possibilities to command Google Assistant to open Alexa or Cortana instead of using the Home Button.
    Simply Say, “Hey Google… Open Alexa/Cortana”

That’s all, you would have successfully replaced Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana, according to your wish. It is much easier to get it done if you carefully follow the above steps. This method perfectly works on the Google Pixel devices and also works on some of the non-Pixel phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, OnePlus 5, Moto G5, etc.

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