How To Remove KingRoot;Get Android Device’s Warranty Again

Why Do You Need To Uninstall/Remove KingUser App?

Have you rooted your Android Device (Smart Phone and Tablet) with KingRoot one-click Android rooting Tool ? If yes, are you now hoping to uninstall KingUser app from your Android device? It is Okay, if you need to uninstall KingUSer when you are in the right details. Here, aim of this article is given a step by step instructions on how to uninstall KingUser android app from any Android devices which has been rooted  with KingRoot Tool. Think, most android users know that you have automatically installed KingUser App after rooting your Android Device.

Do you know why we need uninstall the KingUser after rooting with KingRoot? Actually, it will help you to get again your Device’s warranty.However,uninstalling of KingUser will be gained you a Unrooted Android device. It means that you will be lost root access after KingUser uninstallation process. Additionally, you can’t use some Apps which need them to use root access after uninstallation of the KingUser App

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1.Your Device has rooted with KingRoot

2.Get All Backup on your Android Device before uninstall the KingUser App

3.You device battery charge should require at least 50%

Once you have fulfilled above prerequisites, you move  ahead and get started with the procedure given as below.

How To Uninstall KingUser And Unroot Your Android Device

1) First, you should go to your Apps menu/App Drawer, click on the KingUser app icon and open it up.

2) After has opened KingUser App, launch and click on the “Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to launch KingUser settings.

3) After you have gone setting menu,you can KingUser general settings screen, click on “Root Authorization Setting” to launch up the settings screen.

4) After you have gone Root Authorization, you should  click on “Remove Root Permission” option.

5) After you have done above, a prompt will be shown up with the message “Remove Root Authorization completely and return to Unroot status, Proceed?“. Click on “Clear” to begin the “Remove Root Permission” process.

6) After you have clicked on “Clear“, you will see the “In Progress” message along with a progress circle as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the progress prompt gets closed, the uninstall process of KingUser will be successfully completed. Also, you have successfully unrooted or removed root access on your Android Device.

You can whether your Android device has unrooted or not using Root Checker app.It will help to confirm the unrooting process.Otherwise,you can check your App drawer while you can’t see KingUser App there.

However,if you need to replace SuperSu App instead of KingUser when you can follow the  given guide links here.


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