How to properly wipe an Android device

How to properly wipe an Android device

Now it is time to clear out your Android device. Whether you want to sell it or give away your Android device, the most important thing to be considered is properly wiping it out without leaving any chance to recovering any of the data. Generally, what you do is, get your Android device back to factory settings by simply getting a factory rest on it. But did you know that a traditional factory data reset will not take care of the job for a good level, it leaves everything in there without showing it to your eyes.

Almost all of your personal data will survive through the wipe, but still everything is hidden. Anyway, there are plenty of tools out there in the market which can easily retrieve all the data if the new owner willing it do. So, we have decided to provided you some useful information on take care of such kind of a situation. Now, lets get to the point.

Understanding how storage is handled

For sure, you should have seen so many services and programs that promises to recover lost data on a smart device. It is a big truth and it is totally possible with those tools. And this is because the operating systems (including Android) handle the storage in general.

None of the file is completely gone when you hit the delete button. It just disappears from the visible zone of the user and marked as free space. Then the files are being left chilling in the background until another file wants to take over the space again. Once the new files replace the older ones, then only the older one is been really deleted.

Why do this really happen? There are some reasons why this method is way much convenient. For beginners, deleting a documents from a device is like climbing a ice mountain with empty legs. Remember whether it is HDDs or even SSDs have an estimated lifespan, and after so many rewrites any of them wear out. Simply by marking a file is deleted, and not really removing it completely from the drive will reduce the amount of times that the drive is being under modifications that has to be made.

Apart from that reason, the slower hardware really utilizes through this feature. This is all because, it was much faster to mark a bunch of files as invisible than actually deleting them from the drive. These days, storages are working super-fast, but still this little feature helps a bit. Also, this happens to be a life saver on such situations like those times when you accidentally delete a valuable data.

How to properly wipe an Android phone

There is no any direct way to really wipe a device directly, but we can show you how to at least safe your personal and important data. So, let’s get started.

Encrypt your phone

If all your data is going to stay there on your storage after even a factory data reset, so it is your responsibility to at least make sure no one can take advantage of those data. Encrypting your devices storage will not stop the software from going through it’s general deleting process, but still any information that you retrieve from the device will be scrambled. So, anyone cannot do anything with it.

To encrypt your device storage, simply go to the Settings app and select Security. From there simply scroll down and hit the Encrypt phone option, it is super simple. But beware of the procedure, the steps may vary a bit depending on your phone. The below guide is written based on stock Android Marshmallow.

Once you have encrypted your Android phone, simply performing a factory data reset will would totally wipe the Android device.

Load the phone with trivial files

If you want to still get rid of all your personal information stored deep within the guts of your phone. The data will only be deleted once the storage is replaced with another file over the same space, so the solution is really simple. Delete all the files and just load a bunch of files into the storage.

Of course, you these files you are copying must be something must be don’t matter to you. Or at least stuff that wouldn’t mind others getting a hold of it. It could be movies songs, photos or anything else. Just fill up your storage as much as possible. After coping the files, perform another factory data reset, then it is done, the next person can now only retrieve the dummy data that you have last copied.

Wrapping up

As we have assist you above, this is really a workaround than it is being told has a solution. This is the perfect and closest way to easily wipe Android devices clean… without going too crazy on it. We guess this would definitely be helpful for you.

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