How to Manually move files to Android Device’s Secure Folder 

While some manufacturers have forward ‘vault’ features to provide a secure space on handsets ( Ex.Samsung), Anyway,stock Android Device hasn’t allowed very good at dealing with the need to selectively show files and folders by default, and from what we’ve seen of Nougat so far, it hasn’t made great leaps in this area just yet.Aim of this article is explaining the Secure Folder App as well as explaining the how to use secure folder on Smasung Galaxy Devices.

Secure Folder Apps For Android

We can find so many secure Folder Apps for android are most popular and most effective tool among android users.I do not explain about this apps.All are most awesome.Other important fact is you can set your device to save your data to save automatically using this Apps.You can find every detail from the Google PlayStore easily.They are as below,

Nova Launcher

Apex Launcher


AppLock Fingerfrint


Hide Photos,Video Hide Pro


Folder Lock

If you keep sensitive data on your Galaxy Note 8 device, I am sure that you will find this tutorial more than useful. You can keep the files you want away from others. All the important data can be stored in that special Secure folder including photos, bank details, apps, login details, just to name a few, so you must learn how to manually move files to Android Device’s Secure Folder.This features can use easily with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Device.So i take this valuable Smart Phone as an Example to explain properly.

Sensitive data on your Android device is most important facts to your life.They may be bank details,your special photos,Apps,Login details,special phone numbers,your certificates details and etc.Don’t worry can keep your valuable data away from others easily.You can store such details in Special Secure Folder which it support to store any valuable files safely and productively.It is similar to the digital library so you can use stored data productively as your wish but other persons can’t use data why they can’t access to this most secured Folder can manage and control only yourself.

Let me assure you that you can move and install entire apps like Google Drive into this encrypted space, so that the content you create with these apps will also be protected from the start.

Other important fact is  you have the chance to make your folder invisible from your apps screen.So never other persons but you will know the folder even exists.

How to Manually move files to Galaxy Note 8 Secure Folder

  1. To begin the procedure, you can open the Secure Folder app on your app drawer of the android device. You can do that by tapping the suitable icon you have seen.
  2. Then, you can login with the method  which you have chosen when you set things up
  3. You can simply choose the file you want to be placed in the Secure Folder storage area
  4. Feel free to add any file to Secure Folder by selecting the My Files button. This will immediately open the file browser and from there you should make a choice or more;
  5. You have to chance also filter for just pictures, music, documents and videos by using the shortcuts when you tap the Add files button;
  6. Even more, let you add that you can move or copy files from the regular storage to the Secure Folder. If you choose to copy the files, then you’ll still have the original that is available through any app within your permmission. If your wish is just to move them, then  should remember that you will only be able to access them through Secure Folder.

I think  this helps  will be securing your data productively. If you have any doubt, please,just let me know in the comments area below.

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