How to Install Netflix on Rooted Android Devices


Advanced Android users, people those who want more control over their Android devices, and know how to pull out the tricks off, root their devices. There are so many advantages and disadvantages to rooting so. The Netflix Company confirmed that it is blocking the App installation for rooted Android devices. No matter on how much that you love your rooted Android device, at any point losing Netflix access over rooting might not be worth it. Anyway, there is the way to keep both Root access and the Netflix app on your Android device.

The reason why Netflix is blocking rooted Android devices is simple. The company wants to prevent rooted Android users from tricking their location to access some content that is available only in specific locations.

Since the advance Android users generally root their devices, it is very easy to download and install the Netflix app APK through a PC.

  • Just Download the Netflix App  to your PC from the internet
  • Once it is downloaded, simply connect your rooted Android device with the computer
  • Then load the downloaded Netflix App into the Android device.
  • Now install the App on your device and use it with your Netflix account

The Netflix Company is blocking only the installation of the app, this means once you install the App on your rooted Android device it will run just like it used to be on usual.

This procedure not illegal but still with such procedure, you always have to handle everything on your own risk and anything that happens to your device is in your care.

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