How to install and use xposed framework

How to install and use Xposed framework

You are already know Xposed framework can tweaks your device Functions without adding a custom rom.  You only need rooted android device only. You can manage and make changes without knowing about android core or hard programming. Xposed framework has tons of modules to make changes on your device easily. Only follow the instructions of built-in modules and quickly can make huge changes on device. It is not making many changes on your ROM and all changes makes in memory. You can remove your Xposed modules easily and can get default system back.Xposed Framework apps

Let’s see how to install xposed framework

First you have to ROOT your android device. (Rooting android is voiding your device warranty)

How to install Xposed framework in Marshmallow

How to Install Xposed framework

  1. First download the compatible Xposed framework apk to your device. Then install it to your device. (Make sure “Unknown Source” is on, If not go to settings/ Security tab, you can found it there)
  2. Open the Xposed framework app from your app drawer.
  3. Make sure your device connected to internet.
  4. Then go to framework and tap the button Install/ Update. Wait for few mins, It seems stuck it is normal. Then you will have Superuser Request tab.
  5. Select Grant and continue. Now Xposed Framework will install its updates.
  6. After installation completed you should reboot your device. Still Xposed framework is not fully functional. Reboot is required.
  7. After rebooting, you can use Xposed framework and install modules and have some fun. Yes customize your device.
  8. Still Xposed is not making changes to your device. You have to install modules to do that. There are plenty of modules in Xposed repos. Next we will see how to install modules.

How to install Xposed modules

  1. Xposed modules came as APK files as apps. You can get them from Xposed Framework or you can download it from anywhere in the web.
  2. There are many Xposed modules in framework app. Lets see how to install modules from it.
  3. Open the app and go to download. Now it will load a list of modules and you can select any module by tapping on it. There you can see short description about each module in the list.
  4. Select one of module. Now you can see full detail about selected module. Scroll down; then you will see the download button. Tap it.
  5. Now after download completed you will see installation tab. Tap on install.
  6. If you need to install module from any out from the app. simply download the apk file and install it. (Normal procedure)

How to use Xposed framework module.

  1. Installing a module is not enabling it only making available in your framework. You have to enable it manually.
  2. Go to Xposed framework app and go to modules.
  3. You will see installed modules in that page.
  4. To enable a module tic the check box in front of the module.
  5. When you tap on a module, you will see the advanced options of the module. You can choose what shoul need to change or what should need to keep, related to module.
  6. This is very easy and anyone can make huge changes on the device.

Xposed framework has different versions for each Android version. You can download it from Or Use below links.

Version 3 – Android lollipop or Android Marshmallow. (Android 5.0 and up)

Version 2.7 Android Jellybean to Kitkat.(Android 4.0.3 through 4.4)

Xposed framework is developing highly. Many introduce modules and many work on it. It is the great and safest way of customizing your device. You don’t need to install Custom ROMs by using Custom recovery. Xposed framework has great facilities to modify your device without affecting your Stock ROM.

Stay Update on Xposed and have new experience on it. This Article is for the beginners and new to xposed framework. But we appreciate Need your Experiences and new updates from all of you.

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