How to get the Android P screenshot editor on any Android device

Android P is next version of Google Platform, which released developer preview official yesterday, and it brings a ton of cool changes. One of the best feature, is a built-in screenshot editor, something fans have asked for years why iOS platform already included this functionality. However, most Android users not need to see Android P for ages, so we can know how to use Android P’s ‘Markup’ screenshot editor on any Android device.

Ideas on the revised design are widely divided, and one feature is unanimously commended. Finally, Android finally has a screen-rendering editor. With Android Oreo With 1.1% of apps on Android Device, many people go far beyond. The good news is available to anyone on the new screen of their phone screen.

The screenshot editor is called  Markup which it’s actually a separate app that opens when you tap the “EDIT” button. XDA member Quinny899 has ported the APK and it should work on any 64-bit Android device and even some 32-bit devices. It will probably work on your phone. Here’s how to get it up and running on your device.

  1. Download the APK from this thread
  2. Install the APK like you normally would
  3. Take a screenshot and tap SHARE
  4. Select Markup from the Share menu
  5. Edit the screenshot with the new tools


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